Friendship is a strange beast; it is constantly evolving, yet some things always stay the same. You never know who is in your life now that will grow to be one of your closest friends. Sadly sometimes you also grow apart from friends, but generally when you meet up with them again you can pick up right where you left off. Though this can be weird when you meet up with someone you were best friends with at 8 years old. Somehow, cracking those same jokes doesn’t have an effect identical to how it used to be. Or it does.

The internet and the ease of access to instant communication has made it much, much easier to keep up with old friends who have moved to different places. Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Friendster, MSN IM, AIM and Gmail chat are just a few of the programs that can be used to keep yourself in close contact with those you care about. I talk to Faryar, who lives in London now, all the time online, though we have only talked on the phone once in a year. I think we are both fully up on each others lives and talk and joke just like we always have. Jeremy moved to LA a year ago, yet every morning I get a cheery good morning message from him along with various quips all day long.

I couldn’t imagine living in a world without the internet and the constant communication pipelines I can maintain with my friends. Work must have been miserable a mere 10 years ago. I feel privileged to be born in this time. Though people entering the workforce 10 years ago probably felt privileged to have entered the workforce when they did and not a decade before when they would’ve had to work with vacuum tube computers that were extremely slow…. or the decade before that when they didn’t have computers and had to do everything by hand… all the way on back to a millenium ago when you worked 16 hours a day 7 days a week in a lord’s field and he kept all your earnings plus slept with your wife on your wedding night. Shit man, my boss tried to sleep with my girlfriend and I would be working on ways to fit his body down my bathroom pipes. Anyways, here is the real question: What is going to be developed a decade from now that is something we absolutely cannot live without?

I rambled off my original topic of friendship, but I’ll conclude with it. Friends are some of the most important people in your life- don’t lose contact and work hard on developing new ones.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.