Funny Home Videos: Accidents, Fights & More Funny Clips

Funny home videos is one entertaining topic that I have not yet featured on my website.‚  I have found tons of hilariously funny home videos, including funny videos of accidents, the funniest fight clip you’ve seen yet and many others.‚  My criteria in selecting funny home videos was twofold: First and foremost I wanted to find the funniest home videos ever made and second, I wanted to make sure that these videos would not be taken down off Youtube for having illegal content.‚  After much funny home video watching and judging, I have narrowed the selection down to teh very funniest home videos that I have ever seen. I found the funniest video clips on Metacafe, as well as the funniest video clips on Youtube and have brought them here for your entertainment.‚  Each separate funny home video has it’s own little title and custom description written by me.‚  All you have to do is hit play on the funny home video that most interests you.

Funny Home Video of Several Accidents

The following funny home video shows a bicyclist push another bicyclist off his bicycle in a race, then get tossed off a bridge by an angry pedestrian along with several dozen other short clips.‚  You will also see a funny video of a water tower falling over, a telephone pole falling on a truck and a bunch of funny home sports videos.‚  One of the home videos shows an angry basketball player hammer a basketball into an opponents head.‚  Another is of a wide open soccer shot getting stuck in the mud.‚  One word of WARNING: the background music for this video absolutely BLOWS.‚  Turn your speakers off while you enjoy this funny home video:

More Funny Accidents Home Video:

The next funny home video shows lots of sports bloopers including marching band members falling over one another, cheerleaders being dropped on their butts and a pedestrian getting run over by an entire football team. I think that my favorite funny home videos are the ones in which cheerleaders get dropped (probably three clips in this home video series).

Funny Water Accident Home Videos

An entertaining series of people (and animals!) getting into accidents on the water. I like the dog surfing clip the best. Also the fat girl splatting out the end of the water slide is pretty good too. The last funny home video clip at the end of the Youtube video is more impressive than hilarious: A guy bounces on on diving board and jumps up onto the high dive!

Scary Biker Accident Home Video

The next video isn’t really funny, but it’s amazing that this biker can just jump up and walk away after being smashed into by a car. Nuts. Don’t watch this home video if you are faint of heart.

Long Video of Clips from Funny Accidents

The following is a massive collection of funny home video clips all organized into one giant home video. If you want to have eight minutes of entertainment from funny home videos, watch these. I like the little kid who whacks his dad in the nuts. There are also funny videos of people being hit by cars, falling out windows and having horrible motorcycle accidents. Not sure why all these accidents are so funny to human beings, but I think the shock factor makes people crack up. There are some truly horrifying home videos included in this clips series so BE CAREFUL about watching it. Several of the people involved in these videos actually died from their accidents which is not funny at all. But for some reason, this home video collection is one of the most popular in the history of Youtube. There is even a video fo a dude being voluntarily kicked in the nuts. Other videos include dumb people discovering the massive negative potential effects of gravity and even a merry go round that crashes. These funny home videos are absolutely insane.

Seriously, who actually thinks that some of these videos are funny? I find it vaguely horrifying. Like the video of a landslide taking out dozens of people… geez. I think that laughter is humans mechanism for dealing with some of the really scary things in life.

Funny Fight Home Videos

Maybe this section isn’t truly funny either, as it involves kids knocking each other out while other people stand and watch and make home videos for their own entertainment. You will also see a video of a soccer star hammering another soccer player and knocking him out. The funny videos are the ones in which baseball players empty out the bullpens to go battle each other. I do like the bear fight home video at the end though.

Hilariously Funny Kung Fu Fight Video

Watch how the white guy fights in this ridiculous funny video. The poor Mexican guy completely loses interest in fighting him after seeing the guy take his silly kung fu fighting stance. Eventually though the two retards meet in combat and the white dude knocks the guy out.

Grumpy Old Men Fighting on Funny Home Video

These two ancient old cretins get angry at each other over something and have a funny fight.

I hope you enjoyed my collection of funny home videos of accidents and fights. If you did, please let me know in the comments and if you have additional funny home video’s to suggest feel free to stick in the links! Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you linked to my article on funny fight and accident home videos so that other people may come and enjoy them as well.

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