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-Man tells wife he is having an affair and wants a divorce. She makes him sleep in the trailer. That evening she comes out with a double-barreled shotgun and shoots him 4 times. Which means she had to stop to reload.

Web service for adulterers in France. The service concocts excuses and fake meetings to hide your affair

Hooray! Injured NFL player is not paralyzed for life. Hopefully will walk again. Still wondering why pro football players make so much $$$?

-Patriots coach Bill Belichick apologizes for spying. Everyone cheats, the most successful win 3 Super Bowls.

-New Yorker has an entertaining article on Senator Larry Craig and his anonymous public bathroom sex. You gotta unwind somehow, right?

H.S. football team that has won 4 consecutive state championships for a dying town. 3/4 of the boys who attend the school play on the team. 68 of 111 students are boys… remind me of my senior class with 62 people and something like 13 girls lol.

Higher SAT scores for hedge fund managers are tied to higher returns for lower risk.

America, land of the incredibly stupid.

Crazy Britney Spears fan defends her on video and becomes a YouTube sensation. Haha!

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