Funny Valentine’s Day Dialogue

An acquaintance of certain distinction set up a date on Valentine’s Day with one of the women he’s seeing.‚  The pretty young lady came over to his apartment and they sat down to have a glass of wine before heading out for the evening’s festivities.

The fellow was sipping on his wine, when he remembered that the lady had forgotten an item of her clothing at his house.

“Remind me before you leave in the morning to give you back these panties you left here last time.”

She picked up the panties and looked at them.‚  “They aren’t mine.”

Thinking quickly, he replied “Oops.”

“Are you sure their not yours?”

“They must be yours.”

“How many pairs of panties do you own? Do you really remember every one?

Finally, she stated, “These panties aren’t my size. I have a big ass and these are from a girl with a small ass.”

My acquaintance awkwardly replied, “Ummm…. I like big butts?”

The man though is either a bit of a legend or the woman lacks esteem for herself because the date continued on as planned and he added another, somewhat larger, pair of panties to his collection.

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