Future Predictions from 2019

I think it is a helpful idea to make predictions about the future then see in a year if they have come true or not. Here are my predictions:

  1. By June 2020, the trade wars Trump started along with the extremely high amount of quantitative easing put in place by central banks worldwide will cause inflation to rise sharply and the US economy to slow down or even start shrinking.
  2. AI will have made major advances outside of Starcraft / image recognition / speech to text and will be used in major new areas once considered the reserve of only humans. This will include many types of factory jobs / security jobs / anything repetitive involving light judgement. People will still say this is not true general intelligence as the line continues to be moved here.
  3. The United States will have had military conflicts with a nation – probably Iran or maybe North Korea or China. Trump has surrounded himself with war hawks. My guess is a combination of investigations into his deals with Russia / Saudi Arabi and obstruction of justice will hurt his 2020 election prospects and he will be looking for a distraction. My guess is the conflict will come from a Chinese – American conflict in the South China Sea. China will buzz a US airplane or ship and will be shot down. Something similar could happen near Iran.
  4. Venezuela’s dictator Maduro will have used military support from Russia along with his own internal security to shut down the revolution there and will have strengthened his hold like Al-Assad did in Syria.
  5. My golf handicap will go to 10 by June 2020 from it’s current 19.
  6. Diseases once thought cured will expand much further due to anti-vaxxers and antibiotic resistant strains rising. I predict 5x the infections and deaths in 2020 as compared to 2018.
  7. We will all have access to an amazing new device that makes our lives better. This will be as revolutionary as mobile phones.
  8. Smartphone addiction will go up to 10x the rate it is currently. Car accidents will rise dramatically as people simply become too addicted to even stop looking at them as they drive. Self driving cars will be allowed by regulators to help combat this issue.

Published by

Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.