God Perfectly Formed People…

A common mantra of Christians (and other religious people) everywhere is that the way people’s body’s work is evidence of divine power.

But is the human body really perfect? Do all of it’s systems function as a beautiful cohesive whole that could have only been created by a god?

Strangely enough, when you stop talking to religious nuts and start talking to doctors and scientists, you find that the human body is NOT perfectly formed. As a matter of fact, there a bunch of useless body parts that are probably carryovers from earlier evolution- or perhaps divine evidence of a sadistic child god…

Below, I have aggregated a list of useless human body parts for your enjoyment and perusal:

The Male Nipple:

The male nipple has been a paradox for a long time. Why do men have nipples when they cannot feed babies? Imale nipple always said, “For fun”, but evidently there is also a biological reason. The lactiferous ducts form in fetuses before sex has been determined, causing nipples. Another interesting side fact is that men have all the necessary tissue to produce milk. Mmmm…. Male lactation….

Wisdom Teeth:

Many people have to have their wisdom teeth pulled in their teens before the teeth come in and screw up the rest of your mouth. So are these wisdom teeth evidence of a “wise” mind running the show? I think not. Wisdom teeth are genetic leftovers of a time when humans ate far more vegetation to survive and were likely to lose their other teeth at an early age so there would be space for them.

External Ear Muscles:

Early man had the ability to move his ears independently of his head, therefore had strong muscles able to do so like a dog. Today’s man is no longer able to do this, but he has small vestigial muscles that allow some people (including Joel himself) to wiggle their ears. Hooray for biological leftovers!

Neck Ribs:

About one percent of the human population have a small set of ribs that appear next to their neck and cause arterial problems. Some scientists believe that these neck ribs are from reptiles.

3rd Eyelid:

The third eyelid is located as a tiny fold in the corner of your eye. Birds and other creatures have them for protecting the eye and cleaning out debris.

Palmaris Muscle:

89% of people have a long muscle that goes from their wrist to their elbow that no longer serves a purpose. It is believed that it originally could have been used for hanging and climbing.

Body Hair:

Facial hair may be attractive to some women and eyebrows keep sweat out of your eyes, but the rest of your body hair is pointless. It does not keep you warm or do anything else. Body hair is merely a leftover from a time when humans kept themselves warm without clothing.

Tail bone:
The bones at the base of your spine are all that is left of what originally was used for balance and communication. Your tail bone can be removed without health complications. I have broken mine a few times.

13th Rib:

8% of humanity has a 13th rib that does not serve any purpose, although chimps and gorillas have them.

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Joel Gross

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