Google Becoming Most Dangerous Monopoly In History

I will preface my discussion on why Google is becoming the most dangerous monopoly in history by saying that I am a stockholder in Google and have been an enormous fan of Google’s great software advances and I think that their search engine has no equal.

However, Google has amassed in their database a staggering amount of information on people, businesses and other organizations.‚  For many companies that use Google Analytics on their websites, Google knows their conversion rates, how much money they make on each conversion, how many people view the site and where those visitors come from.‚  Google’s new browser, Chrome, tracks even more information from each person who uses it.‚  Every user is assigned a unique ID to their browser and Google can track over time user behavior and a myriad of other factors that any marketing/advertising person in the world would give their right arm and firstborn child for.‚  The Google search engine tracks every webpage on earth hand determines which webpages will receive many viewers and which will receive few.‚  If Google doesn’t like you, they can break your business.

What’s even more scary than Google breaking your business is Google can stop you from disseminating whichever political or religious messages you wish to share, by simply not sending you much traffic.‚  The primary way most people find information these days is through their computers… no one goes to a library anymore to look something up.‚  And overwhelmingly, people choose to use Google to help them find the information they are looking for.‚  If you want information on abortion, the national debt, which politicians are good or bad, funny videos, international finance, foreign wars, or even what shirt is currently in style, Google decides what you see and what you don’t.

The next issue though is, if not Google, then who can be entrusted with such power?‚  Certainly not the government- they have shown time and time and time again that the government always bungles and misuses that power, which is why we live in a country where the free market and private individuals/companies control the means of production/distribution.‚  I personally think that Google has been fairly responsible with it’s power so far and has done a massive amount of good with their great products and services, so I am alright with Google continuing to hold that power.‚  Perhaps if I became truly afraid of Google then I (and others) would no longer use their products and services… thereby weakening their power.‚  Ah, I love the beauty of simple economics.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.