Greatest Crimes Against Humanity Happening Now

And all the major countries do is sit in cowardice, laziness, and excuses. America, Japan, China, India, France, Spain and Germany are all to blame. Not only for the wholesale slaughter in Libya and the crushing of freedom there, but for half a century of an entire country being a prison camp in North Korea and many other incredibly corrupt and criminal regimes. People are being murdered, starved, raped, and watching these things happen to their family members right now and yet the world does nothing.

Not only does the world do nothing, but countries like China have policies in place to return asylum-seekers like the women on the right to North Korea.

In Libya right now protestors are getting mowed down with anti-aircraft guns in the streets, but all Barack Obama can muster is a few carefully worded and weak admonishments.

As long as dictators and criminals are allowed to rule other people, the whole world suffers and lives in fear that the same could happen to them.  If no one will step in to help people in North Korea or Libya or South American dictatorships, why would anyone ever help you if you needed it?

Published by

Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.