Growing Discrimination in America

I am an absolute believer in meritocracy and am completely opposed to unfair discrimination in all of its forms. I have always believed in hiring the best person for the job regardless of gender, race, religion or other factors.

My company is extraordinarily successful because I built it to only hire the best people. I don’t care if they are in America, India, Russia, China, Europe, or Africa. I don’t care if they are male or female. I don’t care about their sexual preferences or what they do or don’t believe in outside of work. I only care about the value they can produce.

I built skills tests for each job that remove unfair discrimination. Before a Coalition recruiter even sees a candidates name, we score a test that consists of doing a sample task related to the daily job the applicant applied for. Then we interview and do a second skills test solely based on those tests results, then hire the best person. This system is the best I have ever seen at removing any unfair discrimination. It removes all bias based on race, gender, or even if a person went to a fancy college or not, or has previous proven experience. All that matters is ability to do the job WE are hiring for now.

The results are clearly obvious by looking at my management team: of the two most senior people, one is female and the other is Indian. My team leads and managers come from different countries and have vastly different religious and cultural backgrounds. Everyone is paid and promoted based on performance and wherever possible people are given incentive pay systems that allow them to determine their own pay by how hard they work.

I have never seen or heard of a company that has more true diversity than Coalition, nor one that operates in a more purely meritocratic way.

I have recently become very concerned by a growing movement in America to bring back unfair discrimination under the guise of “correcting historical inequity”. Misguided individuals are trying to make up for the mistakes of their parents…. By repeating those same mistakes.

Women and racial minorities used to be explicitly excluded from certain colleges and certain jobs. This was wrong. Laws were passed to eliminate unfair discrimination, but some issues appear to have remained: women earn less than men and some racial minorities do not hold jobs in the same percentage as other racial majorities. Misguided, but well-intentioned, people are trying to correct this by instituting unfair discriminatory quotas for hiring.

For example, firefighters only have about 8% females in their ranks in America. To try to correct for this seeming inequality, fire departments have instituted quotas. The problem with this is twofold: there are vastly more male applicants than female applicants to become firefighters (in this example, there was 96% male and 3% female applicants), and a lot of the job relies on group physical strength. If the vast majority of your applicants are male, and only a small number are female, your best candidates are statistically going to be overwhelmingly male. Beyond statistics and into basic biology, firefighters spend most of their time addressing health and injury medical calls, and frequently need to be able to lift obese 300 lb people and move the dead weight out of shattered cars or small apartment bathrooms. Women have 63% of the physical strength men do on average. This physical strength difference is vast. But if you only look at the overall percentage of firefighters who are women, you would probably incorrectly believe that there is a bias against hiring women. In reality, the percentage would be lower if gender was not taken into account at all. Many men who are more qualified than women are turned down to become firefighters to make room for unfair discriminatory quotas in favor of more women.

Another example is nursing and teaching. These are some of the most common jobs in America, and they have historically mostly been done by women. Was there unfair discrimination at work in favor of women? I doubt it. Women are much more interested in nurturing and caring sorts of work than men are. Women applying far greater numbers for these sorts of jobs and are generally better suited biologically than men. Medical care and the education of our youth in the United States would be harmed by trying to shoehorn more men into these positions. We should use purely merit based skills testing that remove bias for all jobs. We should strive to hire the best person for any given job regardless of their gender or race or religion.

I also have an unproven theory that men are not as good in governmental leadership or managerial positions due to their much higher levels of testosterone, territorial nature, and aggression. I have tried to build my systems in such a way though that my theories like this cannot bias my hiring process one way or another.

Unfair discrimination in any form is wrong. Having hiring quotas by any unfair criteria is completely antithetical to what is morally right.

The same issues apply to the new forms of unfair discrimination that promote certain races at the expense of others. Using hateful unfair discrimination to combat discrimination is beyond foolish.

These policies are bringing forth a new generation of Americans who now believe that unfair discrimination is acceptable. What will happen when these unfair discrimination policies start being applied to you?

Or what will happen if the population that is unfairly discriminated against gets angry and reverses these policies back on the population that was supposed to be favored?

Unfair discrimination in any form must be removed from law and removed from government hiring before it causes any more damage.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

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