Halloween Party 2008

Nick and I attended a very fun Halloween party in the University District of Seattle, WA this year.‚  The party was on 17th & 55th and was a ton of fun.‚  As you know, Halloween’s real theme is “National Dress Like a Slut Day” for women and there were lots of hot girls at this party showing off their assets.‚  The hosts of the party also had tons of free alcohol which only added to the revelry.‚  Some halloween photos are below:

Unfortunately the iphone 3g’s camera is a piece of trash and most of these pics didnt turn out well.

Nick showing off his Iceman costume.

Cyclops and her outfit.‚  Nicole didn’t actually go as cyclops… I just called her that because Nick stabbed her in the eye a few days ago with his african spear and it was all bloody.‚  I’m not nice.

I had a good Halloween.‚  Sorry for not including any photos of myself in my cowboy outfit… what did you guys go as?

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