Hostile Beast

My roommate Zach’s girlfriend’s dog now lives in Zach’s room.  The dog, Bobo, weighs five pounds and is cute, white, and fluffy.  Bobo firmly believes he is an enormous hound from hell.

I got home today and heard Bobo barking from Zach’s room.  I determined to make friends with him and went and opened the door.  Bobo stared at me then ran to the closet growling.  I came in and got some food out of Bobo’s bowl and held out my hand for him to eat it, which he did.  Then he went back to growling and barking at me.  My next thought was that he thought I was intruding on Zach’s room, so I went outside and tried to coax him out.  Bobo came out.  Suddenly rage overtook him and he started growling and trying to bite my pants.  I fled in terror to my room.

Bobo roamed the house, occasionally stopping outside my door to bark at me.  Finally my other roommate Chris came to the rescue and locked the hostile beast back in Zach’s room.

Bobo has a history of violence.  After Zach’s girlfriend moved to LA, she left the dog with her parents.  Unfortunately, the dog was causing so much havoc that Zach had to take him in.  Now Bobo is trying to eat me and our other roommates.  Strangely, when Zach is around Bobo acts like a calm, peaceful and happy animal.  He’ll sit on my lap and let me pet him. Reminds me of my mom’s dog, a mutt that was abused by her previous owner and freaks out if someone moves to quickly.  Both dogs could use some proper training.

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