How To Stop Fake News & Propaganda

Vladimir Putin is a wily ex-KGB fox who is constantly seeking ways to gain an advantage over other countries in Russia’s cold and warm wars around the world. Finally, he has found a critical weakness in the armor of democracy and capitalism and is exploiting it to the max – fake news and propaganda.

Russia has used fake news and propaganda not only in America’s elections but also is using it in very effective ways in many other countries.

How can we put a stop to this weapon that is quickly destroying the fabric of America and destabilizing the globe?

I suggest two defenses to put a stop to this:

  1. Nations that heavily push falsified information online should be cut off from the USA internet. Any 3rd party country that remains connected to that nation would also be cut off – no country would choose to be cut off from the giant US internet & economy. This should be done for relatively short periods. It should be renewed if it is believed those hostile nations are still pushing false information out. This penalty should be used both on nations that have their own governments back false propaganda like Russia, and also on nations who don’t police their citizens like Nigeria.
  2. Individuals and corporations who push out purposefully falsified information in order to have political influence should be subject to civil and escalating criminal penalties.

What do you think?



Published by

Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.