How to Tell When She’s Lost Interest

Could you be the loser in the middle?
Could you be the loser in the middle?

Do you think your lover has lost interest in you?‚  Have you tried talking to her and she is unresponsive?‚  Are you curious if you are already unknowingly a relic of the past?

You may think that your passionate feelings must be shared by your lover, but that often is not the case.‚  People have ups and downs in their feelings for others and those feelings rarely match.‚  A friend of mine dated a woman for a couple of years and she was madly in love with him and wanted to get married while he didn’t care that much.‚  Towards the end though,when her interest was waning, his interest started to grow.‚  He had waited too long though and lost her.

So how do you know if she doesn’t care about you anymore?‚  The stages are pretty obvious:

  • The fire and heat have dissipated.
  • Conversations are brief and disjointed
  • She’s unresponsive to your calls, texts, and other entreaties.
  • She flat out tells you she’s not interested (duh).
  • The Box is delivered to her, but sadly rejected.
  • She tells you to never speak to her again.
  • Your stake-out of her house ends with her new boyfriend putting a gun to your head.
  • The police deliver a restraining order to you.
  • Even after you kill her boyfriend, she doesn’t understand your love.
  • You put her in the wedding sack and then into your trunk.
  • Half way to Ohio, you find your white Bronco in an interstate police chase.
  • During the sixteen hour police standoff, she finally says “I love you”.
  • After your surrender, she recants and spits in your face.
  • Your daily love letters from death row go unanswered.

Love’s a b*tch, ain’t it?‚  Maybe you should never have opened that box of Craigslist worms.‚  Lesson: Stay at home with a box of Kleenex and your “hygienic hand lotion”.

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