How Women Can You Better Attract Men?

Women spend a massive amount of time doing things to attract men (clothing, makeup, hair, fitness, etc.), so I am going to attempt to provide a guide on what the average woman can do to interest the average man. The guide is about the first impression: the important 15 minutes of the initial meeting when men decide whether or not to pursue the woman. After that, everything is much more personalized; love, chemistry, and other factors take over. Also, please note that this is not the way that I rate women when I first meet them. I have posted my personal ratings below. It’s a follow-up on to my article on what men can do to get women.

Instant Perceivability Importance Total Value
Looks 10 10 100
Money 7 2 14
Humor 7 8 56
Athleticism 8 9 72
Maturity 5 5 25
Intelligence 6 4 24
Confidence 6 6 36
Loyalty 2 7 14
Instant Perceivability Importance Total Value

I think that the average man in general does not consider money when looking for a girlfriend. Many guys consider having lots of money to be demasculating, while others wouldn’t mind a sugar mama. Humor is a bigger deal to the average man than most people give him credit for. If a girl isn’t funny, she has to be far hotter than the average man for him to take her. Unfortunately, I think that the average man isn’t necessarily turned on by intelligence either.

My personal ratings are below (I just left the major factors the same, though perhaps I should’ve changed them to reflect my different ideals):

Instant Perceivability Importance Total Value
Looks 10 7 70
Money 7 4 28
Humor 7 9 63
Athleticism 8 6 48
Maturity 5 6 30
Intelligence 6 10 60
Confidence 6 8 48
Loyalty 2 10 20
Instant Perceivability Importance Total Value

Well, shit… Looks like because of the instant perceivability factor, I also value looks highest when I meet a woman for the first time. Shallow bastard. However, if you don’t have the other more important factors covered over the following meetings (especially humor and intelligence), I will be lost.

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