I completely forgot the frattastic ridiculousness…

…until I saw this video made by a film major who was a frat brother of mine in Sigma Chi. I highly recommend watching it- it’s hilarious, fairly insightful and stars Jimmy Craig (the initial guy interviewed). Jimmy Craig is one of the funniest guys I’ve met in my entire life, but he’s fairly serious here. The video is made by Chris Frager, who was a really chill guy. There are some old clips from the frat though that brought back memories- zoo hall wrestling, bush jumping, jousting, heavy intoxication, hot naked women, extreme violence, Lord of the Flies social system, women spanking men, drugs, more violence, more alcohol, parades, rush week, parties, sadism, football, physical abuse and all sorts of other fun.

P.S. Justin, don’t be a dumbass and join a frat. Your personality would not be a good match. I’ve seen bad things happen to some people. Bad things.

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