Ignite Seattle- April 29th

I attended Ignite Seattle today and was amazed to find 575 like-minded geeks also there at the King Cat Theater. Cynthia and I have been regularly attending various tech & startup related events around Seattle, and I think that this was definitely one of the better ones. Ignite Seattle is now being held once a quarter and consists of a wide variety of 5 minute presentations on various topics ranging from heart attacks to knitting to chicken raising to ancient map reading. I was very entertained by most of the presentations, with my favorites being the ones on “The Psychology of Incompetence” by Ron Burk, “Community Genius: Leveraging Community to Increase your Creative Powers” by Shelly Farnham, and “Geek Girl – A life Story” by Maya Bisineer.

The presentations at Ignite Seattle were videotaped and I am hoping they are released soon on YouTube.com. If they are, I will embed the best ones into this post so check back soon!

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4 thoughts on “Ignite Seattle- April 29th”

  1. I was there as well, with Twitter users @ricaurte, @jasonp107, and @zachhale. You must’ve been seated inside the auditorium. The whole time we were there, we stayed in the bar/lounge, chatting with people.

  2. Cameron,

    You missed out on some interesting talks! Any good connections to be found in the bar/lounge area?

  3. Mostly catching up with old friends; I didn’t meet as many new contacts–but I was introduced to Dave Schappell, founder and CEO of TeachStreet, which was nice. The rest of the time, we were scoping out females, which, though not numerous, seemed to be quite approachable/receptive due to the fact that they were surrounded predominantly by geeky males who didn’t have the balls to chat them up. There were a few packs of gold-digging Cougars though, and those women made our night with regard to ‘people-watching’.

  4. People watching is one of my favorite past-times. Cougars especially are hilarious to watch. If you ever go out to Belltown, you know what I mean. The male version of Cougars wearing graphic T’s & designer jeans are another fascinatingly horrifying species.

    BTW- Congrats on talking to Dave Schappell. He’s on my list of people I’d like to talk to as well.

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