Is It Okay To Steal Someone’s Girlfriend?

A question for discussion: Is it ever okay to try to steal someone else’s girlfriend if you don’t know that person? What if you do know the person and are friends with them?‚  Or what if you know the person and are not friends with them?

I put this question to some of my friends and their replies are below:

Buddha: i think that if you are successful, it’s not a girl that you really want to date
because she obviously doesn’t have much loyalty
and if you can steal her away from someone, who’s to say that someone else couldn’t do it to you
a girl who allows that to happen doesn’t have good character
so it might be fun for you to do, and if you are just trying to bang, go for it, but prob not a girl that you want to get serious about

Frodo: yes and no

yeah, sure it don’t matter
but, would you want her after you snitched her?
i) obv sloppy seconds
ii) she just left some dude.. she will leave you as well

Sinner: i’m a firm believer in karma

so i wouldn’t do it…everyone has their own definition of “ok”, but i would say no…

Mr. Jeans: yes

stealing is a bad word
if she falls in your lap
and you like her and won’t use her
then yes
it means they weren’t mean to be

Trent: Yes

What do you think?‚  Is it okay to steal someone’s girlfriend/boyfriend?‚  Moral hazards? Practical hazards?

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8 thoughts on “Is It Okay To Steal Someone’s Girlfriend?”

  1. I think anyone who says its OK to steal someone’s gf is weak. It’s a sign of weak character. It shows you’re a weasel and cannot be trusted. I never have and never will steal any of my friends gf’s. Even if she tried to make a move and cheat I would throw her out on the street. People say bro’s before hoe’s but not many people truly follow that. I do and I don’t associate with anyone who doesnt beleive that. There are plenty of girls out there and there is no reason for you to go after someone else’s gf. real men conquer foreign territories, they don’t steal from their own.

  2. You know what? This whole debate is just silly, of course its alright to steal someone’s girlfriend. Doesn’t anybody remember the age old maxim “all is fair at love and war”?

    And for those people who think that a girl who leaves one person for another is despoiled and unworthy to ever be dated again : this seems to me to be a double standard, guys do this sort of thing ALL the time without any remorse.

    Besides we have to remember that you cant put chains over love. Love can be fickle and loyalty is a useless ever changing factor in the battlefield of love. If a girl falls in love with you then you both have the full right to make your own relationship, don’t just put yourself in the situation of the guy that got ‘cheated’ in this affair.

  3. Yes. If she comes to you, you obviously did something to make her like you. So it is all her choice. You can’t make decisions for her. She does that on her own.

  4. well i think it is bad if you steal someones girlfriend ( that is if you kidnap her against her will and rape her). But if you mean the other meaning which is make her fall in love with you and etc than that is ok. Why is that? well because she was never really in love with the other guy or because shit happens, its life you win some you lose some live with it. So regardless, women are not property! so they choose to go with the guy, they have feelings they are not a piece of meat! anywho, Yea people hate losing so thats why they say its bad. So move on, learn to let go, enjoy while it lasts. Nothing in life is certain, one day you have perfect health, next moment you are on your way towards cremation and burial. So dont make such a big deal of it, like sux its a big pile of shit.

  5. As long as you dont mind the fact that she will probly end up leaving you aswell. Then go for it

  6. Ok this is the real deal. Anyone who says its ok to steal your friends or acquiantance’s gf probably suffers from short man’s / small dick syndrome. These are people who probably were virgins all the way through high school. Throughout college they probably slept with a maximum of 5-10 girls. My point is these are usually ugly and unattrative dudes who cant easily get girls therefore they’ll go for any opportunity they can just to get laid, wheter its a random girl or their friends girlfriend. To these guys all girls are fair game because they dont get many opportunities in life to get with a girl.
    However the truth is if you are a confident, good looking dude with a good game you have morals and standards. You are confident that you can get any girl therefore you dont go after your friends gf. You know that if you walk into a bar or a club or if you’re just at a social function you can get with at least one or two girls. You value your friends over any girl because you know that girls come and go. Even if your friends gf falls in love with you, you dont date her. Instead you tell your friend that he should dump that girl and date someone else. I doubt anyone except for Joel reading my post will understand what Im saying because most people suffer from short man’s / small dick syndrome.

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