Trent Comes to Roost

On Saturday morning at around 2 am, Trent arrived at my apartment for his Washington vacation. He hopped on my couch, but was feeling antsy from his flight so we talked for about an hour and a half catching up on life. His Audi is a fine machine and he sounds like he is in love for the first time in a while. We eventually dozed off.

Plato sent me a Gmail instant message in the morning and wanted to go shopping and to a coffee shop with Trent and I. We met up downtown at Nordstrom’s and wandered our way through various shops and didn’t purchase anything. Looking at all the people out and about downtown Seattle was more than enough fun for me. Lots of poor singers, homeless people, families, wealthy singles and crack dealers were mingling. We hiked our way across I-5 to the Bauhaus Cafe and discussed the world. Trent was determined to be the extreme stylish man, Trent the alright style man and I was the no style man lol.

The day was pretty chilly and grey, and when we ventured back out we only made it about two blocks before we arrived at Clever Dunn’s Irish Pub. Trent had a “dirty house vodka martini in a well glass”, I had a whiskey coke and Plato drank his standard gin and tonic. Trent had mapped out the whole evening for us, so next we moved on to Tango Tapas. Tango Tapas is good, but expensive restaurant that serves, surprise surprise, tapas. The three of us ate to our hearts content and shared two bottles of wine. My new hero, Trent also picked up the tab. I love that man.

Now that we had full bellies and a solid buzz, we made our way up to the Elysian brewery with Bryan Herbertson who had recently joined us. Bryan Herbertson bought himself a pretty nice Beamer and took pleasure in showing it off for us. I was impressed by its rapid acceleration and handling. Now that all the Joneses are getting cars, I may have to get one too. Can’t fall behind the Jonesies.

The Elysian brewery was a lot of fun. We ordered five pitchers of beer with about four pints apiece, so by the time we finished all of them our group was approaching ridiculous territory. Plato was getting pretty pissed at Trent and I for our behavior (we had begun to flick ice at one another and Trent kept lighting matches for the candles then blowing them out). Amy Stewart, one of my coworkers, called me around this time and said she was bored so I invited her to come join the party. I probably wasn’t exactly an impressive professional at this point lol. She showed up and joined right in the fun though, downing a couple pints and accompanying us on to the next destination: Linda’s Tavern.

Linda’s Tavern was pretty full, but we went up to the bar and ordered another round of well drinks. Trent began his not exactly sober attempts at wooing the women of the bar. I remember seeing him approach two women sitting at a booth and when they looked creeped out, I went and pulled him away. Two minutes later I looked back up and there he was again, except this time he had slid in right next to one of them. The girls hurriedly put on their coats and left. Trent usually has great success with women, but in his silly state he managed to chase a dozen out haha. I was talking to a group of people outside and Trent joined in. After one rather large woman walked away, Trent kindly pointed out to the remaining girl that now that the fat one was gone, we had more room. She replied that that fat one was her best friend and walked away. Trent and I laughed our asses off. Amy wasn’t doing too badly and was sitting at a table with a couple of fine young (or not-quite-so-young) gentleman. Trent approached and told them, “This is my daughter and you NEED to be RESPECTFUL to her and treat her well. I don’t appreciate your insolent attitudes and the way you are approaching her.” hahahah. I love that guy, but Amy probably doesn’t.

We finished the evening and Bryan drove Plato back to the U-district. Amy drove me and a jabbering Trent home. Trent tried telling her that I was secretly in love with her and when that failed, tried needling the poor woman as many ways as he could. I really wish i had video of the evening, it was the most fun I’ve had in quite some time.

Off to shoot shotguns now with Trent and his dad, I’ll tell the some of the other less scandalous stories later.

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  1. Sounded like a wholesome bit of fun. The only thing I am confused by is the strange, almost habitual referencing of people by their first and last name. Trent this, Trent that, etc.

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