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Joel Randall Gross has published a lot of material. No, not me. There is another Joel Gross I was introduced to as a child by my great Aunt, Emely Sholseth. Auntie Em had found a book, “The Books of Rachel”, by a man who coincidentally had the exact same full name as I do. She thought it was amusing and purchased it for me and gave it to me when I was 6 or 7. Being a little boy, I didn’t read the other Joel Gross’s book till I was about 8 or 9 and got bored. The little boy Joel Gross was in for quite a surprised when he went to read the author Joel Gross’s book. “The Books of Rachel” is a sweeping historical novel that follows a series of Jewish women through history named Rachel (and maybe related, I can’t remember well anymore). “The Books of Rachel” portray realJoel Gross, Author world events through fictional women’s eyes and brings up issues of class, friendship, love and sexual abuse. I was a little kid and thus was most entranced by Joel Gross’s portrayal of some very graphic scenes of sex. I remember at the time immaturely thinking that my namesake was a pervert since some of the sex was violent and shocking, especially to my poor brain. However, upon much later reflection, I decided that the other Joel Gross was not a sicko, but made some very strong points against gender repression and violence that did actually occur in history. Maybe one of these days I’ll go try to find my old copy of the “Books of Rachel” and reread it as an adult and see how good it really is.

The other Joel Randall Gross has also published nine other novels, including:

Bubble’s Shadow
The Young Man Who Wrote Soap Operas
1407 Broadway
Maura’s Dream
Home of the Brave
This Year in Jerusalem
The Lives of Rachel
Spirit in the Flesh
Sarah: A Novel of Sarah Bernhardt

Joel Gross the published author has also begun to involve himself in movies. Joel Gross co-wrote the film “No Escape” and wrote a t.v. movie by himself “Blind Man’s Bluff”. According to his website, he has also worked on features for HBO, Fox, Sony and Universal Pictures. Shooting on a new film “Mortal Armor: The Legend of Galahad” begins this spring. Another script, “Shoestring Paradise” is scheduled for production in the summer.

The impressive resume of the other Joel Gross gives me ambition to write more myself. Of course, I am the only publisher of my work lol. Perhaps someday people will pay to read my content, but for now I am stuck with the grand readership of my family and a couple friends. If I don’t make it as an artist or writer, I will pull a Hitler and become King of America ;).

Got a little of topic reflecting on the Joel that I am, but I’ll try to stick to the Joel Gross under discussion. Joel Gross is currently working on a musical about John Dillinger with Paul Aleman. His play will be presented by The York Theatre Company on April 24, 2008 in a staged reading directed by Michael Unger.

I think that I’ve promoted the other Joel Gross enough now. Here comes the real question: Who’s prettier, me or him? If it’s the other Joel Gross, I will have to chase him down and throw acid on him. There can only can be one beautiful Joel Gross: Me! (In case you ever see this Mr. Other Joel Gross, I am completely kidding- I am as harmless as a mosquito… carrying malaria!)

According to his website, the other Joel Gross lives in New York and Los Angeles.. Not sure how he lives two places at once, but if he ever needs someone to guard his other residence when he isn’t around, I’m his man.

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  1. “That’s Gross…” Heh, Heh… Everyone is only human; a state of being in perpetual personal change, experiencing conflicts with self and others, having mixed emotions, enduring physical and mental trials, being involved in all kinds of relationships, learning to improve or not wanting to learn how to improve, being loving, forgiving, truthful, joyful, honest, of good character, faithful, caring and sharing and putting your divinely-resourced creative gifts and talents to good use, or not as you will…Being human is a journey of realization and self-actualization of body, mind, and spirit…NO ONE IS PERFECT…That’s the truth of every matter…Why not accept the truth…So, get used to it, get over it, or get off the planet…

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