John Adams is Dead.

Many people talk about the Founding Fathers of America as if they are still alive today, but I have breaking news: they are all dead and have been for at least a century and a half.

When you defend an argument, it is not enough to say “that’s how this country was founded.”  Base your beliefs and arguments on hard facts and evidence.

I personally believe the Founding Fathers did a far better job of setting up and running the government than any of our leaders in the last hundred years, but you cannot justify yourself in a debate just by citing their beliefs.  I think conservatives do this far too often.

Government should have limited powers, not because that’s just the way we’ve always done it, but because government’s with too much power invariably use it to oppress their citizens.  We should have low flat tax rates, not because the Founder’s set it up that way, but because other forms of taxes discourage entrepreneurship and business and progress.  Marriage isn’t between a man and a woman because the Founder’s said that’s how it is…. actually this is one where marriage should be allowed between any consenting adult parties… even if its two men or two women…. or God-forbid: three men and eight women!  Government interference in private life is an evil that should be avoided unless to specifically prevent the infringement of one person upon the rights of another.

Use data and logic to back up your recommendations on politics and life.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

2 thoughts on “John Adams is Dead.”

  1. Hey Joel,

    Nice post! Couldn’t agree with you more. Personally, I look at the Founding Fathers to remind myself of the work they did and how exceptional they were as people, as a sort of ideal. I mean just think what each of these men accomplished in their lives, without the tools and resources we have at our disposal today. If John Adams needed to relay a message to his counterpart in Europe about a business or political matter, it would take at least 3 weeks each way to send messages. That is extremely inefficient, right? It is hard for our generation to comprehend the difference. So, it is motivating to say the least.

    But I agree that in a debate, there is logic that is often left out in place of an emotional connection with the ideal of the Founding Fathers. However, I would say that conservatives (especially someone like Ron Paul) who drop the Founding Fathers in every argument can do it while maintaining their credibility.

    The Founding Fathers, like Henry Ford or any other visionary had something that was lost upon their death…so I think it is important to consider their beliefs, and the politicians that do name drop, usually do so for simplicity sake, but I am sure if you had a deeper conversation with any one of them, they would explain the underlying principles to why the Founding Fathers were right, like you have in your post. Thanks for writing the post!


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