Kissing Your Dog

Female kisses dog

People that kiss their dogs or cats disgust me. Kissing cats and dogs is an activity that is socially acceptable, but really should not be. In our modern society of good hygiene and sound medical practices, it blows me away every time I see a friend (usually female) bend down to kiss a pet.

Dumb girl kisses her dog

Before you crazy girls all start screaming, “BUT I LOVE FLUFFY/PRINCESS/CHEESY!”, let’s think about this in objective terms. It is unclean to put your mouth on an animals lips and tongue that has never brushed its teeth, probably has diseases, eats it’s own poop and vomit on a regular basis, and it makes me sick whenever I see it.

Dog eats poop

I can’t tell you how many disgusting things I’ve seen dogs and cats eat. Dogs eat anything they can find and consider it a great feast when they come across a pile of dung from another creature or even their own. Half the time they end up vomiting up whatever it is they just ate shortly thereafter and proceed to eat it right back up. Dogs are dumb, disgusting animals and allowing one to put it’s disease ridden tongue and face on yours is one of the nastiest things you can do. It’s probably cleaner to eat your own poop than to kiss a dog or cat.

Big dog chows poop

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  1. Hey Joel to my understanding you ate your own poop since you’ve never kiss a dog or cat.

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