Living With 3 Women

I gotta be batty to be living with three women, one of whom is my girlfriend. More estrogen flying at me in the last twenty-two days than I have ever experienced before. Growing up with three brothers and mostly men for friends has left me sorely unprepared for this. Apparently it is even immoral to leave the toilet seat up!

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

5 thoughts on “Living With 3 Women”

  1. Dude, grow a sack and move out already. Move to somewhere in Seattle, move back to LA, just leave Tara and this hell hole you’ve put your childish self in…

  2. JOEL – If you gonna make it through this man, you gotta have big balls! I mean, hairy, thick, veiny, robust balls! A BIG SATCHEL!?

    Chicken skin on the outside of your scrotum! And a big thick root hanging on top of it, with a big purple bulbous head on the end of it!

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