Looking for cheap U-District Seattle bars and clubs?

The best bars the University District in Seattle has to offer if you are a student, homeless person or cheapskate:

Cheapest bars in the University District:

Earls on the Ave. No place in Seattle is cheaper to get drunk at than Earls. A little old lady named Michelle works there and fills up your pint glass to the top with hard liquor and then tops it off with a teensy-weensy squirt of mixer. 1 drink will make a 120 pound girl blackout, 2 drinks will get a big guy drunk, 3 drinks will make him puke and 4 drinks will have him holding onto the ground so he doesn’t fall off. $4 for the daily drink special which goes all day. 4720 University Way N Seattle, WA 98105. 206-525-4493

Dante’s. Old school decorations and lots of pool tables make this a fun bar to hit, but it is priced a bit on the higher end for the U-District. 206-525-1300. 5300 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, WA 98105

The Irish Immigrant. Frat-tastic bar with a pretty shitty interior but occasionally has good drink specials. 206-525-2955. 5260 University Way Seattle, WA 98125

Tommy’s Bar and Nightclub. Don’t go to Tommy’s unless you are pure ghetto and want to get your ass kicked by a bunch of thugs. The thugs took over this bar about two years ago and recently even the bouncer outside got shot in the head. If you do go, be sure to bring your SEAL team as backup. 206-634-3144. 4552 University Way NE Seattle, WA 98105

The RAM. Decent deals on Sunday night after 9- half off your tab, making this overpriced restaurant bar worth a visit. 206-525-3565. 4730 University Village Seattle, WA 98105

The Seven Seas Restaurant w/ cocktails! One of the best kept secrets in the cheap alcoholics Seattle scene, the Seven Seas is a little Chinese restaurant with a cocktail lounge in the back that serves cheap drinks and great Chinese food. Not very classy though lol. (206) 522-3863. 8914 Lake City Way Ne, Seattle

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