Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization Agency Analyzes Forbes’ Claim of SEO’s “Death”

Is SEO dead? As the founder of a leading Los Angeles search engine optimization agency, I seem to be hearing this question on almost a daily basis as of late. The hysteria surrounds Google’s so-called “Hummingbird” algorithm update, which implemented some dramatic changes to the ways in which websites are ranked. Just recently, Forbes added a bit fuel to the already growing fire with their viral headline, The Aftermath of SEO’s Death This Summer. So should we be worried? Or is this just more smoke?


Forbes Did Get One Thing Right

First, let me put your mind at ease. SEO most certainly is not dead. The rules are changing, yes, but it’s highly deceptive for Forbes (or for any analyst) to suggest that this is something new. SEO is constantly changing, and savvy SEO experts are constantly modifying their methods accordingly. For instance, take a look at this quote from the Forbes article:

These new algorithms mean no more hat tricks, keyword stuffing, comment spamming, backlink image stuffing and the list goes on.

Okay, fair enough. Just one problem: most of the SEO tricks on this list have been ineffective since 2008 or earlier. In fact, some of these items are completely black hat (expressly forbidden under Google’s Terms of Service), which makes me question whether the author of the Forbes article is really educated on the subject of SEO.

The best SEO companies have long understood the paramount importance of creating meaningful, relevant content and building high-quality links organically. Nothing about this is new, despite the Forbes insinuation that the party’s over for SEO. Any SEO company that engages in keyword stuffing, comment spamming or any other tricks intended to purposefully and deceptively manipulate the search engines has been failing its clients for years. And you can bet that those clients have the poor rankings to show for it.

The Future of SEOContact a Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization Agency

To be fair, the Forbes article doesn’t conclude that SEO is in fact “dead” (despite the misleading headline), and it does make some excellent points about how content is king. The author’s biggest error is in suggesting that this is some profound new revelation. If you want to achieve search engine superiority, there are no shortcuts. You need an SEO plan that fully emphasizes the user experience.

My Los Angeles search engine optimization agency, Coalition Technologies, excels in user-based SEO. That’s how we have been doing it for years, and our clients are thriving as a result. There are no black hat tricks, no deceptions and no games. If you’re looking for a real, solid SEO plan that conforms to the needs of the changing search engine landscape, give us a call for a free quote at 1-888-800-9101.