Los Angeles SEO Trends That Reflect Industry Patterns

Los Angeles has long been the center of trends, from fashion and art to business and cuisine, the West Coast is truly the best coast. So it should come as no surprise that Los Angeles SEO trends are reflected across the industry.

Coalition Technologies is located in Los Angeles for this very reason: to be on the vanguard of the SEO industry. Of course, the year round sunshine, beaches, and laid back culture are pretty nice, too. Keep reading to see how trends in Los Angeles will impact SEO throughout the industry.

This Is a Man’s World (But Not for Long)

One of the strongest Los Angeles SEO trends that is reflected across industry patterns is the shrinking gender gap. While the majority of those in the industry happen to be male, women are beginning to make their presence known. This continued increase is great for the industry. The female voice must be present for SEO to be effective, balanced, and successful.

The Tool Box

Understanding website performance is vital for the SEO industry. Google consistently ranks as the top visited search engine. Therefore it should come as no surprise that Google Webmaster Tools reigns supreme when it comes to Los Angeles SEO trends.

It’s What We Do

The SEO industry isn’t just about higher rankings. It’s also about all the research, marketing, and strategy that go into successful campaigns. The top five activities are analytics, content marketing, keyword research, social media marketing, and brand strategy. It just goes to show how important it is to identify and find meaning in the patterns we see in data.

All About Metrics

SEO marketers use metrics for so much of their work. That’s because they help researchers understand what visitors want and how to convert browsers into loyal customers. The most important metrics are conversions, revenue, leads, unique visits, and rankings.

Get Social

Social platforms are incredibly important tools for any SEO marketing campaign. As you might imagine, Facebook and Twitter still reign supreme for social Los Angeles SEO trends. YouTube is starting to lose ground as a social outlet for SEO. While its reach is shrinking, it still remains a viable resource for your campaign. What will be interesting to watch is the meteoric rise of Instagram use. As its use becomes more ubiquitous, it will only continue to act as an effective tool for SEO use.

Coalition Technologies

If there’s one thing the web has taught us, it’s that there is no such thing as an isolated location. That’s just one of the reasons that Los Angeles SEO trends impact and reflect trends throughout the industry.

Coalition Technologies is located in the heart of Los Angeles. This thriving metropolis offers vibrant diversity and inspiration at every intersection. Our location and staff puts us at the cutting edge of SEO trends. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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