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Justin, my little brother, gets married today in Hawaii.‚  I was unable to go due to the fact that they cancelled then decided to go for it again at the last minute.‚  However, now that two of my little brothers are married, I have begun to think again on love and marriage.‚  Questions such as “Do people who are in love really need to be married?”, “Should I get married and if so, at what age?” and others have cropped up in my thick skull.

I have always thought that I would be getting married somewhere between 27-30 after dating someone really special for two or three years, but really didn’t concern myself too much with it.‚  Using my beefy scientific calculator today though I came to the shocking conclusion that 27 minus 3 equals 24…. and that’s how old I am today!‚  Of course I’m not going to base getting married on some random number, but it gets me thinking and rethinking the way I live my life.

True Wuv
True Wuv

Perhaps I don’t even need to get married.‚  I really enjoy living my life as I do now, free to do as I please and see whoever I like.‚  Being chained to one person for eternity sounds like a scary prospect if that person is not the perfect one for me.‚  Unfortunately, I’ve never met a woman that I thought was perfect for me… so perhaps I will be an old maid one day.‚  I doubt that that is in the cards, but I think I would be okay with it if it happened.‚  I live alone in a studio apartment now and am happier than I have ever been before.‚  Would another person bring me down or help me reach even higher levels?

Several very happy couples that I know are not married but have dated for many years.‚  Perhaps that is a good model to follow.‚  I think it would work well unless you wanted to have children together… children complicate things.‚  I would like to have kids one day though, so I think that I will end up getting married if I can find the right person.

I have also heard many people talk about the “biological clock” phenomenon, mostly in reference to women, but I think that I have observed it in men as well.‚  At some point in a person’s life, they hit a point where they suddenly become desperate for a life partner and take the next person who comes along to be their husband or wife.‚  This concept is terrifying to me for two reasons: 1) I do not want a woman who’s biological clock just went off to marry me (I’d like to think someone would marry me for my qualities and not their inner needs) and 2) what if I have a biological time bomb clock and don’t know about it?!

I think that finding a great wife has many parallels to finding a great business partner.‚  Sure, many people could probably make it work even if it wasn’t the best person.‚  However I take care when selecting people that I am willing to have as my business partner and I will be far more careful than that when selecting a wife.‚  Some of the procedures for finding a good business partner also translate to finding a good wife: meeting many qualified people, interviewing them and doing some work with them to make sure that you are compatible.‚  The dating world and the business world actually have a lot in common.

Enough random thoughts on love and marriage by me for today, do any of you have thoughts, advice or experiences you would like to share in the comments below?

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