Low Oil Prices Good For Economy

Low oil prices mean lower prices for gas for consumers, lower cost of goods that you buy at the store due to transportation costs being lower, lower cost for heating your home and other energy uses. Low oil prices are an extremely good thing for individuals.

About the only group that oil prices are bad for are the dictators overseas that use the oil prices to fund their military and covert operations against the United States. Saudi Arabia uses their oil money to murder United States journalists, Russia uses its oil money to keep Putin in power, etc. There’s a very small group of US oil producers that would be negatively affected as well.

Trump for some reason is trying to help the dictators overseas maintain high oil prices. This is horrifying. Trump was shown to have colluded with Russia in various ways and is most likely a traitor who is using his position to help Russia now.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.