Marrying Young Is A BAD IDEA!

Yes Justin, you are the inspiration for this blog. You are not the only reason that I am writing it though. Many people, including our fantastic brother Jordan, also fall into this trap. My goal is to try to help people thoroughly consider their decisions before they make life changing moves.

I think that most people would agree that it is rash to make a decision without thoroughly considering the alternatives (except in life or death emergency type situations). Why then do so many people make poor decisions? My opinion is that these kind of poor decisions are made usually out of the wrong type of motivation- laziness, fear, boredom and despair. Deciding to get married young is just this sort of decision.

In almost all cases, getting married young is a bad idea. Why? It’s not a life or death situation. Waiting a few more years is very easy to do. You can have all of the benefits of marriage if you want them- living together, constant love and caring, sex, and everything else- without having the obligation of a lifetime of dedication to someone else. People who are very young will still grow and mature and change a whole lot and maybe you will one day hate the person you are in love with now.

Here’s the top reasons NOT to get married young:

-Adventures. Think of all of the amazing places you could go, toys you could buy, cars you could drive, women you could make scream and diseases you could cure if you didn’t have the constant burdening distraction of marriage.
-You don’t need to get married young. In America’s permissive culture today, you can have all of the benefits of marriage without the metal ring holding you down.
-Potential pregnancy does not make marriage a necessity. Use a condom, birth control and blow jobs to avoid the risk of pregnancy and if it does happen, abortions are easy to get. If you’re too cheap for abortions, golf clubs are easily available at many thrift stores.
-Financial stability is a must for marriage. A marriage is a commitment that requires tons of work and effort to make successful and money problems are listed as the biggest cause for divorce in America. People who get married when they are in debt (Justin) are just making it that much harder on themselves.
-No responsibility. When you aren’t married, you are your own man. You can do whatever you please. If you are married, your time and money and efforts will all go into your partner.

Some people say that their religious beliefs prevent them from having sex before marriage, but that is obviously not the issue here.

Anyway, Justin will live his own life and make his own decisions and no one can control them for him. He doesn’t listen to me, but hopefully someone else contemplating marriage will come across this blog and make the right decision to wait.

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28 thoughts on “Marrying Young Is A BAD IDEA!”

  1. this blog shows no intellect;
    I agree completely with more realistic than you and the fact that he or she is in fact more realistic.
    Just because your friend Justin’s marriage failed doesn’t mean marrying young is a bad idea. Obviously he isn’t a good example if he was dumb enough to fall into debt in the first place, and get married!
    I got married while attending college and my wife attended college. We both got good financial aid; our part time jobs didnt go towards school as they would have if were single. Our earnings went towards getting a place together, we started with a shared a lab top (a very nice mac might i add)until sophmore year she got her own. I care more about her than myself so i gave her the new one =]
    What im trying to get at is that caring for some one when i was young and having someone care for me made my life easier. I stress out about college all throughout high school until i met her junior year. I knew it would be alright.
    As long as your realistic and truly in love there is nothing wrong with marrying young

  2. Ok seriously? This is RIDICULOUS,… “Use a condom, birth control and blow jobs to avoid the risk of pregnancy and if it does happen, abortions are easy to get. If you

  3. Then why get married at all? I understand everyone’s comments, but none of them seem to dictate an answer or rather there seems to be no foundation to get married at all. It just makes no sense. Am I afraid to get married or am I to be fulfilling this lonely feeling? and how is one to even judge whether the other person good enough with an assortment of requirements that will not show up until later? Many say love is a good requirement, but love is as common as a chocolate bar. So how am I to tell the difference? I really need to know, so please anyone just answer.

  4. This is nuts! you have no morals at all. abortions? blow jobs? how about responsibilities? Morals? God? anything.. Anybody reading this, if you want to marry young do it. This talks about not being tied down? thats what a relationship is committment.. if you want a healthy lasting relationship you must committ. Pray about tit and see what you get.. thanks

  5. Are you kidding me? Wow that was highly offensive. I am 19 and getting married in a month to my faince who is 20 and HE is the one who wanted it. We have sex before marriage, so that’s not why we do it. Pregnancy can happen if it does, then okay. But we are getting married because we LOVE each other. Is that such a radical concept these days? For ANYONE to love each other? I don’t see the difference of getting married at 20 or 30 or 40, it’s a commitment to a person you love and sharing your lives together. And I am excited to share my life with my fiance at the age of 19!!

  6. SERIOUSLY? – you are a naive idiot. If you love him so much and can really see yourself spending your life with him, what is the harm in holding off on marriage for another 5 to 10 years? You are already having sex with him. Why not just move in together? Why get married? Why do you need a ring and a piece of paper? Do you actually think that changes anything? (I have been married and divorced…it doesn’t)

    I’ll tell you why you two want to get married – he wants it because he’s insecure and afraid that you’re going to run off with someone else, and you want it because you want a pretty white dress and attention. And you probably are insecure about him leaving you too. Everyone is insecure at 19 and 20.

    I know I’m coming off as a bitch. You guys might make it. Good luck to you. But let me tell you, you think at 19 you know everything…YOU KNOW NOTHING. You have so SO much more living to do. Live with him by your side, but wait a few years for the serious commitment. It will blow your mind how much you change between now and the age of 29. Honestly.

    It is a commitment to someone you love whatever age you are, you are absolutely right about that. The fact you both feel like you need a piece of paper to make a commitment speaks volumes about your personalities, natures and immaturity though.

    Oh, and I love the blog post. 100% agree!

  7. Are you kidding? Abortions are easy to get? That’s a horrible thing to say, shame on you! People like you are never going to realize what real love is.

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