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I have never had a blog before and I’m sitting in my room bored on a Friday night, so I suppose this is a good time to write my first one. Tonight, I met my a friend from high school, Nick, after work to relax and catch up. I walked from my company (by Qwest Field) up to his tower (on 6th and Union) and he said he wanted to meet a couple of friends for drinks. He and I headed downstairs to the Union something something Bar & Grill which was a fairly fancy-schmancy place full of the well-to-do trying to drink their week away. We sat down on a couch that had a coffee table in front of it and another couch on the other side with some fat drunk bragging about how much money he made to everyone in listening distance. The man sickened me and I will do everything in my power to avoid becoming him. Anyways, Nick’s four lady friends showed up a little while later and sat down and started chatting. Three of the women were older and wore designer suits and talked a good game about how successful they were and who they knew and the hot places they were going tonight and tried to cover their sad desperation as smoothly as possible. There was one girl who was about Nick and I’s age (she was 24) and dressed in relaxed jeans and sweatshirt and seemed to still be human. So Nick and I started talking with her as we watched the Sweet Sixteen games on the giant plasma television. She was really funny and seemed to be pretty interesting. She was well-travelled and had gone to college in Australia and we were having genuine fun. Katie (her name) started to shoot the “I’m into you” eyes at Nick and became more flirtatious with him as time went on and I was rooting for him. We started to discuss jobs and Katie described her parents boutique investment firm with $250 million under management with her and her parents as the sole employees. Nick started to get drawn in. Then it happened and disappointment hit: she came out and told us she had a boyfriend. Nick and I backed off and started chatting with each other, but soon I noticed that she was still sending strong looks Nick’s way and she rejoined our conversation and was even more flirty than before. We were a little surprised and started to joke around about her boyfriend, but she kept pursuing. Finally, we got up to leave and she gave Nick a smoky look and said, “I WILL be seeing you again.” We just cracked up and walked out. But now I’m thinking about it a little bit more and how terrible is it that this girl who openly said she was very happy with her boyfriend was still actively chasing other men? The thing that really has bothered me is that I have had so many friends who have been dating so-called “good girls” and even some with great, genuine loves who have had their girlfriends go around behind their backs and cheat on them. Even friends who attended religious universities where the women think they will burn in hell for eternity for doing so. Why? Maybe the grass is just always greener…

Also, I am not sure I like the path I have picked for my life. I went to school for business and have been pursuing business and production and the making of money for the last few years and I know that is not what makes me happy. What makes me happy is relationships with people and I thought that I would be able to develop tons of those by joining the business world, but everywhere I’ve looked thus far people put up fronts and facades. Sometimes, I can find genuine people, but it sure as hell has not happened much. McCormick & Schmick’s was full of people dressed up and trying to impress one another. I felt like an outsider, though I am a part of it. I started conversations with some of the older people there and the first man was a powerful lawyer/lobbyist who couldn’t stop dropping names: Gene Juarez, the Carter Administration, Boeing, blah, blah blah. I don’t give a shit who you know, who are you? It seems like you are just a shell who can’t communicate as an individual. The sad thingwas that when I started to ignore him he was surprised and resentful; it probably doesn’t happen enough to him. Sorry about the rant, but I am just pretty confused at this point.

The best time I had during the evening was when we went back to Nick’s nice & clean (if you know my roommates, you will understand why this is important to me) apartment and played a game of darts.

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