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The Mercedes Benz Gl450 is a beautiful automobile. Mercedes Benz has come out with a full-size sport utility vehicle that is a late entry to the market, but with good reason: they spent a lot of time perfecting the Mercedes Benz GL450. Mercedes Benz GL450 As an SUV minded person myself, I can appreciate the beauty of the 2008 Mercedes Benz GL450 in all of it’s power and glory. In the following paragraphs, I will go through why exactly the Mercedes Benz GL450 is a must have vehicle.

Mercedes Benz has always been known for developing immaculately styled vehicles that impress. The Mercedes Benz GL450 has a very pretty wagon body that hides massively rugged on and off-road setup that makes this the pinnacle in comfort, while maintaining the strength and durability for hardcore mudbogging. The GL450 comes with a four wheel independent suspension with double wishbones up front and rear multi link suspension isolated on a subframe. The Mercedes Benz GL450 also sports airmatic springs that have on and off road modes as well as an active damping system that give it a much smoother ride. The new Benz has good quality 18 inch all season tires standard and very powerful 14 inch front disc brakes and 13 inch rear disc brakes. The Benz even is able to tow up to 7500 pounds behind it.

Many people question why they should purchase a big gas guzzling Mercedes Benz GL450 when gas prices are going up and the economy is going down. The top of the upscale market is still going strong as top executives, hedge fundRocking car managers and financiers still rake in enormous amounts of money and don’t care if gas costs $1 per gallon or $10 per gallon. The Mercedes Benz GL450 is not a vehicle meant for someone who is concerned about such trivial details. Mercedes Benz though is still leading the field in developing fuel efficient vehicles and they are planning on releasing the Mercedes-Benz GL320 diesel later in the year with much better fuel economy. Much more importantly, Mercedes is releasing more vehicles soon that will be fully compatible with newly developed environmentally friendly Bluetec diesel technology.

Mercedes Benz has really upstaged their previous vehicles with the new GL450. Mercedes certainly is not lacking in powerful motors, but they found it necessary to create a whole new V-8 to power this monster. The Mercedes Benz GL450 is powered by a 4.6 liter V-8 with 335 horsepower and 330 pound feet of torque. This gorgeous engine is controlled by a smooth seven-speed automatic transmission (no option for manual). The new Mercedes Benz GL450 has paddle shifting behind the steering wheel, which is a huge step up over their old side-to-side sport shifting. The Mercedes Benz GL450 weighs in at a massive 5000 pounds, but still can get up to 60 miles per hour in under 7.4 seconds and has a top speed of 130 miles per hour.New 2008 SUV Mercedes Benz GL450

The Mercedes Benz GL450 was originally intended to replace Mercedes other off road brands and so their creators made sure it had 8 inches of ground clearance and the hardware to survive tough offroading trips. The GL450 offers three open differentials front, center and rear that work with ABS braking to make sure wild wheelspin is never an issue. The GL450 also has newer technologies such as hill-start assist, downhill speed regulation and powerful 50-50 torque split that can go forward or back and side to side to maintain maximum amounts of control. At the push of a button the Mercedes Benz GL450 can switch from smooth on-road ride to a hardcore offroad machine.SUV made by Mercedes

As always, Mercedes Benz has ensured that the GL450 is very safe for it’s seven riders. Dual front airbags, and side airbags for both rows in the back protect your precious cargo. The GL450 also comes with stability control, Brake Assist and active front headrests standard.

What does such a beast of a vehicle cost? A fairly reasonable $55,000. The Suburban, Tahoe and other vehicles don’t even compare to the full features offered by Mercedes Benz in the GL450.

How do you entertain your kids while you take the beastly Mercedes Benz GL450 through it’s paces? The enormousBenz GL450 interior is full of all sorts of fun stuff that comes standard. The power front seats have an MP3 player with a 6 disc cd player and two zone climate control along with third row sun roof. Everyone will be comfortable and happy.

Extra features available for the Mercedes Benz GL450 include rear seat DVD player, rearview camera and a power tailgate. Great goods.

Other reviews that I have read online have described the Mercedes Benz GL450 as a glorious throwback to the heyday of the giant SUV. Some have even gone so far as to call it a slapped together vehicle that is ugly and unattractive. Most of them comment on the Mercedes Benz GL450 COMMAND cockpit management system that is just incredible. It gives full data systems, power tailgate and helm-mounted fingertip shifting just wear the driver needs it. The GL450 has been described as having no difficulty cruising at over a hundred miles an hour.

The Mercedes Beautiful Mercedes SUVBenz GL450 is truly an athletic behemoth to behold and if you don’t allow environmentalist quirks to penetrate your thick jock skull, you will love it to death. The 14 miles per gallon fuel efficiency provided by the GL450 is almost as bad as driving an M1 Abram tank.

People who have owned the new 2008 Mercedes Benz GL450 have raved about it’s capabilities. Owners warn that purchasers should upgrade from the “environmentally safe” vinyl seats to leather because the vinyl has a tendency to get sticky after long car rides. Go take the Mercedes Benz GL450 for a test drive yourself!

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    MotorWeek kicked the tires on the GL320 CDI (see video below the fold) and they seemed to like it. The diesel version of the GL ($54,225) will be $2,500 cheaper (yes, cheaper) than the gas version of the GL450 and will get thirty percent better mileage.

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