Michael Hesamer Charged With Murder in Fred Stephens Passing

The grand jury in Clackamas County indicted Michael Hesamer today on the charge of murder. Mr. Hesamer trial will begin on March 5, 2009. Michael Hesamer and Fred Stephens were neighbors at the Mount Park Apartment Complex at One Jefferson Parkway in Lake Oswego. Michael Hesamer is accused of murdering Fred after a late night dispute.

Those who wish to share their memories of Fred Stephens on this site, please click the link. Information on when and where Fred’s viewing and memorial service is to be held, click here. To add your photos to Fred’s pictorial memorial, please contact Marques Johnson at marqueslj@hotmail.com

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5 thoughts on “Michael Hesamer Charged With Murder in Fred Stephens Passing”

  1. Joel, great blog site. Do you know when the trial date is scheduled in Lake Oswego? I had thought it was originally scheduled for April 1st or 2nd. Any information you may know will be greatly appreciated. Hope things are well in Seattle. I am formerly from Kirkland – now residing in Oregon. Thanks. Oregon Shark Jumper

  2. Is there any news on trial? Janet my thoughts and prayer is with you and family. Shideh

  3. Very frustrating in Oregon – nothing is being said whatsoever in the newspapers or on the television stations in Portland. Will definitely share information when available. Thanks.

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