Monday Night Dinners vs. M-Nights

The fourth Monday Night Dinner was a great success. Ian Coleman, best chef in Seattle, cooked up another appetizing dinner. We had pork loins, excellent mashed potatoes with a sauce based off white truffle oil and vegetables. Fletcher is gone to Orcas Island for a week of eating and drinking with old pals from White Pass, so he didn’t come. Ian, Diana, Zosia, Eric, Amy and I were all in attendance and had a great time. I laughed so much my face hurt.

While I was eating, I reminisced on another, less pleasant, Monday night tradition I once had called M-Nights. M-Nights were a weekly event for pledges at my fraternity where we had to get up at 8 am and spend the day studying in the library or going to class. Around 5 pm, we’d come back to the frat house and have a meager dinner, followed by reciting all the facts about the fraternity we had to memorize. After that, we had to go through various little object lessons, trying to teach us the fraternities ideas and morals (yes, fraternities all have their own little moral structure). We had to be in bed by 9 pm and were occasionally checked on by initiated members.

At least, that was the way it was supposed to go. After the first couple of M-Nights, a few of us who had lived in the house before the pledge period got fed up with going to bed at 9 pm (which was ridiculous considering we typically went to bed at 2 am). We would sneak out the door with other guys and head off to parties or out to eat or whatever we felt like doing. There was even one night when the legendary Black Rooster tried to bring a girl to an extra room in the house for sex on an M-Night and got caught. A fifth year senior, JJ, caught Faryar in the room with the girl and went upstairs and got the president of the house and they both came down. Both guys were complete douches, but JJ was even more of a douche- anyone who stays in a frat for five years usually qualifies as a King of Douches. Anyways, JJ and the president came down and while Faryar and I were still in the pledge room gathering up blankets, threw the poor girl out. When we got to the end of the hall, we saw those two guys waiting for us. JJ started hollering about “respecting M-Night and the fraternity” and Faryar lost his cool and grabbed the guy by the throat and threw him against the wall, screaming obscenities and telling him he was going to kill him lol. I stood there and watched (it was funny as hell) and made sure the president wasn’t going to jump in on JJs side. The president separated the two and told JJ to shut up and go to his room, which the bitch did. The president then apologized to Faryar for JJ being such a dick and himself having thrown the girl out. He asked Faryar and I to try to understand and not blatantly break the rules again. We went off to bed and the next M-night a good fifteen or twenty of the pledges snuck off to a party and no one said a word about it.

My life is much better now than it was at any point before. I don’t have to answer to crazy, abusive parents or crazy, abusive frat guys or anyone else. I can sit down with my good friends and have an excellent dinner with good conversation. The freedom to rid my life of BS has vastly improved it.

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4 thoughts on “Monday Night Dinners vs. M-Nights”

  1. HAHAHAHA…that was one hell of a night. JJ was def the biggest douche I’ve ever seen…lol.

  2. I wonder what happened to him… he probably married that one girl who told us her dad molested her. Sucks to be her, going from one molestor to another.

  3. Actually she’s my friend on myspace. She messaged me once like last year. She’s not dating JJ anymore though. However I think she is dating a new guy who’s first name is Mo and last name is Lester.

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