Multiculturalism: Feminists Great Mistake

Feminists have made amazing strides for women’s rights in the last couple of centuries in America.‚  Women are now equal to men in the eyes of the law.‚  Women have all the same rights that men do: the right to vote, own property, speak freely in public, etc.‚  Glass ceilings in many areas have been shattered from schools to board rooms.‚  Some small work remains to be done in helping to open bigoted eyes, but most of the important goals have been accomplished.

So why do I say that feminists have made a great mistake?

Feminists have allowed the flawed philosophy of multiculturalism to blind them to massive injustices in other countries.‚  Women fought hard here in America for their rights, but they have been taught that all cultures are equal and that we should not force our culture on other countries.‚  Multiculturalism has given American feminists an excuse to stand idly by while women in Africa have their genitals destroyed by crude surgeons, women in Iran are legally worth 1/2 of a man and the global sex trade has blossomed.

Many people say that Western civilization is wrong to judge other society’s beliefs, cultures and values.‚  They believe that we have no right to judge the workings of other countries and further have no right to act on those judgements.‚  To be fair, I must say that the only “foreign country” I have ever visited was America’s 51st state, Canada.‚  But I think that my inner moral compass would still tell me that female genital mutilation is wrong and that beating your wife is a criminal act (legal in Iran).

Any government that does not grant equal rights to women that it does to men is illegitimate and should be opposed by all countries that do grant women equal rights.‚  Many religious regimes, crazy dictators and lawless areas condone, support and instigate violence against women.‚  Over a billion women in these countries are oppressed and abused every single day.‚  Americans pat ourselves on the back for ending segregation (supposedly “seperate but equal” laws in the old racist South), while completely ignoring the far larger plight of countless human beings worldwide.‚  Feminists who do not actively fight for equal rights for women oversees should be ashamed of themselves.

One of the most important bastions of liberal thought, Columbia University, welcomed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad into its hallowed halls to give a lecture.‚  Instead of lecturing, he should have been thrown in prison like the common criminal wife-beater he is (not to mention his terrorist activities).‚  America would never allow other kinds of criminal-leaders into our country, but multiculturalism forces individuals to tolerate violent atrocities.

Once people begin to stand up and fight against the horrific way women are treated not only in their own countries, but in others too, the world will be a much better place.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

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  1. I think this is a great point Joel: that the multicultural viewpoint may permit and/or be perceived to permit certain obvious injustices.

    The flaw in your argument: a feminist = a multiculturalist?

    I think the point would be better guided if you said women in general should be outraged, especially women who defend their rights so vehemently.

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