Bailouts Destroy Freedom

Scum Politician Mitch McConnell
My team and I are taking pay cuts (I have completely forgone my salary) and a lot of hard working people in tight positions have volunteered to take pay cuts so we can hold our company together through this time. Meanwhile, scum politicians and the idle rich are giving themselves trillions of dollars at the expense of hardworking people. The idle rich and politicians should be going bankrupt right now and smart investors and good managers should be buying their companies and assets out of bankruptcy. Instead, those at the bottom struggle to survive while the fat at the top steal from the rest of us.
Congress is creating trillion dollar slush funds to give to their big corporate cronies that poorly managed their businesses, and the Federal Reserve is giving trillions of dollars to Wall Street fat cats who made terrible decisions and would be going bankrupt right now.
Paris Hilton Thanks You For Your Cash
Paris Hilton Thanks You For Your Cash
There is no way for entrepreneurs and good investors to take assets from those who are idiots and inherited their money now. If the idle rich get lucky and win a bet, they keep the winnings. If they make a bad call and lose, the government lets them keep what they wagered. Someone has to pay for it. That someone is entrepreneurs, small businesses, and good investors. Why should I work hard when nothing matters? Right now big banks, trusts, big companies and well connected people get everything. If the free market had been allowed to work, thousands of smart business owners and investors like me would be rising up to take it all from the idle rich and worthless trust fund babies. Same thing happened in 2008. America no longer has a free market, we are just a managed form of socialism that caters to a ruling class made up of children and grandchildren of the wealthy. The American way is dead, the hope of moving up is dead.

The free market economy is all about letting companies with poor management

Bankruptcy Process
Bankruptcy Process

fail. In 2008, the government bailed out trillions of dollars worth of poorly managed companies and left that bad management in place. They are now doing it once again with the new market crash. A company that fails does not disappear, it goes into bankruptcy and better managers buy it. Nowadays, only poor people and middle class people are allowed to go bankrupt. The rich get bailed out by the poor and middle class when they screw up. 

Right now, the government is spending trillions of dollars propping up poorly run big banks through the Federal Reserve and poorly run big companies. Companies that should be growing bankrupt won’t. Trump is already said he is going to give his own company the Trump organization a ton of taxpayer money. A lot of other poorly run organizations are going to get the same thing.

Small businesses are going to be crushed or kept small because they cannot get the same level of bailouts at the banks and big companies are getting from the old boys network.

This is not capitalism, this is the worst type of socialism. This is corporate socialism which is far worse than individual socialism as it creates a ruling class that cannot be removed by the market.

This is incredibly demotivating for me as an entrepreneur and for everyone involved in starting and growing companies. This means that there’s a glass ceiling and unless you’re

Boston Tea Party - American Revolution started over smaller taxes and less obvious theft than the current bailouts
Boston Tea Party – American Revolution started over smaller taxes and less obvious theft than the current bailouts

a contributor or a member of the old boys network, you’re left out in the cold.

The American Revolution started over unfair taxes by the British upon the colonies in America. Right now, we in America are seeing far more unfair taxes being levied upon startups, entrepreneurs, the poor, and the middle class to bailout Wall Street fat cats, incompetent corporations, and their dirty politicians.

Thomas Jefferson said freedom had to be refreshed with the blood of tyrants

Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson

every generation. We have not bled the tyrants in many generations, so I guess this is what we get. If anyone wants to start a new American Revolution to bring back free markets and a real democracy / republic, I’m on board.

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  1. Trouble is it’s way harder to have a revolution now days with modern military, surveillance technology etc.

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