One more reason why I am a legend…

Fletch and I went out to the bars in Belltown on Friday night and I made him a bet.

I told him I could get one of the two semi-cute girls at the table behind us to willingly put salt in her drink. He said no way, so I turned around and went to work.

“Is that a whiskey coke?” I asked

“No, It’s a ginger ale & vodka”, she replied with a seductive smile.

Putting on my best charming face back, I commented, “Oh, have you ever tried that with salt? It really helps balance the flavors out.”

“Really! I’ll try that!”

So within 25 seconds of first starting the conversation, I salted her drink and then told her to stir it up and see if she could taste the difference.

“Oh yes, this is good!”

I love gullible people.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

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