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Blogging about certain topics has been mostly off limits to me up till now. ‚ Generally I have rarely said anything about work, sexual relationships or friendships. ‚ After much thought I have decided to change my rules and I’m posting my plans in case anyone has objections or questions.

I am going to blog much more openly in the future. ‚ Here are my rules:

  • Friends/girlfriends will have veto rights over anything I write about them that may be sensitive.
  • People who request pseudonyms or already have them should never see their real name on my site.
  • Workplace blogging: I will not discuss company business (product plans, earnings, etc) that is not public knowledge. All coworkers discussed in anything but the most positive light will remain anonymous; I do not want to jeopardize anyone’s career. ‚ Basically, I will use common sense in protecting Visible Technologies and it’s employees.

Outside of that, everything is fair game. ‚ Please remember that my blog is only my very biased personal opinions and nothing more than that. ‚ It’s the same stuff that I would talk about with my friends and in the same liberal manner.

Please comment below or email me if you have any questions or disagreements with my new blogging policy.

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