Opposing Immigration Is Morally Wrong

Anti-Immigration Is Evil

People who oppose the freedom of individuals movement between countries, or immigration, are morally in the wrong. A basic human right is the ability to leave an area where you are being mistreated. Powerful special interest groups and nations’ rulers have opposed this worldwide because they want to protect special privileges and powers that they have over other human beings. The special interest groups lie to the public at large telling them that if you allow immigration “Immigrants will steal your jobs!” or “Our country will be full of filthy people who don’t speak our language!” or “They will consume our resources!” Such hysterical rantings and ravings are usually made by foaming at the mouth politicians trying to pander to stupidity in order to gain votes. A reasoned, scientific look at the economics and politics show that allowing open borders and free immigration between countries would immensely benefit the entire world.

The True Economics of Immigration

Immigration is essentially the free flow of labor to where it is needed most. People don’t typically emigrate to countries that have less jobs than their own; instead they go to the country with the most need of workers and where those workers are treated the best. Markets and businesses NEED to have an elastic supply of workers in order to successfully function. Think about it on the small scale- you run a small pilot education businesss. You start to get enough customers where you need to expand in order to meet the demand, so you purchase a new airplane (which means there is an available supply of airplanes) and now you need to hire a new pilot to teach people. The larger the labor pool of pilots, the more likely you are too find a good teaching pilot. If the labor pool is smaller, you may have to hire someone who isn’t as qualified- maybe he doesn’t have all the right certifications or has a surly attitude towards customers. Now scale back out to the economy as a whole- when businesses desperately need quality employeees, but can’t find them, the economy ends up moving towards a recession as businesses close and customers start looking elsewhere to have their needs satisfied.

Harvard issued a great paper in the Journal of Economic Literature back in 1994. The paper, “The Economics of Immigration“, condenses many other studies on the economics of immigration from over the years and discusses the pros and cons of immigration including the effect on native employment, integration of immigrants into the economy and how immigrants perform in the host economy. The economic paper on immigration concludes after much research and statistical analysis that there is no evidence that the arrival of immigrants negatively affects the job opportunities of those already in the nation (mostly because the influx of immigrants causes the economy to grow faster and larger than it did before). For instance, the paper shows how unemployment remains unchanged after a large influx of immigrants. No one is taking your job, they are coming in and creating new ones.

So, if immigration offers HUGE benefits to the economies of both the host nations and the world at large, why do so many people oppose it and why are governments so protective of who enters and exits their borders?

The Politics of Immigration: Racist Hatred and Abuse of the Ignorant

Ignorance in immigration harms America
Ignorance in immigration harms America

Most people oppose immigration for one of two reasons: racism or ignorance. People who are racist think that immigration will somehow dilute their countries blood lines and destroy the fabric of their country. These are people who generally ignore history and what actually happens with immigration. If you think about it from a God’s-eye perspective, we are all immigrants. Humanity originated with a few people in one place (everyone agrees upon that, whether you are Christian, Atheist, Islamic, etc.). People had children and those children moved to new places. Up until four hundred years ago, the only people in America were the original natives- Native Americans. Then the first wave of European immigrants made their way over and settled down. Unfortunately, evil politicians stirred up anger at every wave of immigration after that. America’s history shows that we have mistreated everyone from the Irish to the African Americans to the Chinese when they emigrated. Of course after a couple of generations, those same people who were once discriminated against became a part of the native populace and in turn started to discriminate against other newcomers. The ridiculousness of this mindset is obvious; you are criticizing other people for doing exactly what you and your glorious ancestors did. The coming of the Mayflower is akin to the coming of Christ in American lore, but when you look at it from the Native Americans perspective, it was just another ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!

So why does anyone oppose immigration?

The reason that smart people oppose immigration is a very sad one- It’s because they see a way to boost their own selfish interests at the expense of everyone else. Who are these people? Politicians.

Politicians are almost universally loathed and despised, even more so than lawyers, because they have rightfully earned a reputation for being lying, flip-flopping scumbags. So what benefits do scuzzy politicians receive from being so opposed to immigration? Power, money, jobs, women, attention and all the other things that that type of person craves.

Politicians jobs rely on having separate countries with their own borders and the prevention of immigration. For instance, if it were easy to emigrate between countries, politicians would have much less room for cheating their countrymen because people could simply go somewhere where the government was less corrupt.

Politicians who are respectable and thoughtful in their policies and plans usually don’t get elected; it’s the slavering-at-the-mouth sleazebag who is willing to lie and play on peoples emotions and fears (“THEY WANT TO STEAL YOUR JOBS!”) that get elected. Unfortunately, regular people are susceptible to these type of emotional appeals and in their fright and rage, they forget to use their logic and reason. Science has shown that economies and people benefit with increased immigration, but when someone threatens you and your job, you get scared and lose your wits. Politicians abuse this ignorance and stupidity in order to retain their power.

The Evil Perpetrated on the World By Immigration Opponents

Berlin Wall = American Border Fence
Berlin Wall = American Border Fence

People who oppose immigration have caused much evil, pain, hunger, sorrow and loss in our world. Consider the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall was set up ostensibly to protect Soviet borders, but in reality it was to keep German citizens penned in and the outside world out. Politicians set up the Berlin Wall so their criminal abuses of the East German people could go unchecked and their totalitarian government could torture and harass citizens without constraint. The politicians in that communist hellhole wanted to retain their power and the only way they could do it was by blocking their people’s natural rights to immigrate elsewhere.

North Korea is another country that will not allow people to immigrate in or out. North Korea’s immigration policies, along with communism and a distinct lack of free markets, has led this country to be one of the poorest countries on earth where no one wants to visit and the criminal leadership is forced to keep its people in the country at gunpoint. Nothing would be better for North Korea than a little civil uprising to throw off the tyrants who have dominated the country for so long and who have made immigration nearly impossible into or out of the country.

America’s policies on foreign immigration into our country over the years have changed back and forth from open and accepting to harsh and isolationist. Unfortunately, the last ten years have seen

America’s politicians grow greedier and more powerful and take ever more taxes from the working man (the rise of sleazy politicians directly coincides with a rise against immigration rights). For instance, a few days ago, a hardworking and successful Chinese immigrant died after being horribly mistreated by the immigration and Homeland Security departments of the United States. The poor man had terminal cancer that broke his spine and all the jailkeepers would do was give him pain medication. About a week before he died, his jailers told him they would get him medical attention if he signed away his rights to stay in America- essentially torturing the poor fellow into submission. Yes, this is just one case, but unfortunately there is a huge trend across America to treat successful, hard-working immigrants with hate, racism and hostility. C’mon people, immigrants are “stealing your job”, immigrants are working to expand the economy to create jobs for himself, his family, you and your family. So get off your lazy unionized butt and do some real work for a change.

The United States is currently moving to an isolationist mentality full of racism and hatred for people who want to come to our country and contribute. The stupidest idea in the history of stupid ideas recently got passed by our legislature: the government wants to build a giant fence along the Mexican border in order to keep hard-working, good people out. The 2,000 mile border fence, named the “United States-Mexico Barrier”, will cost tens of billions of dollars in direct taxpayer money and will cost the U.S. economy tens of trillions of dollars more because businesses can’t get the workers that they desperately need. Our ridiculous border defense is even more idiotic than the Maginot Line the French built in World War 2 to keep out the Germans and will be circumvented in the same exact way- people will just go around it. This is what happens when the government tries to solve “problems”. At least our government isn’t so racist that it tries to solve problems the Nazi way through extermination… yet. And don’t try to tell me that these people haven’t fought and died for the land of the United States- Have you looked at the racial composition of the military lately? Hispanics make up 12% of the total population and the military is made up of 11.5% hispanics. White people serve the same ratio: 77.5% of the population, 75% of the armed forced. African Americans actually serve in much higher quantities than either one- 11.33% of the population is black, whereas 15% of the military is black. I think that if we allowed open immigration, many of the people who emigrated to the United States would be happy and appreciative to be here and would serve in the military at the same rates as everyone else.

What solution does Joel recommend for solving immigration problems?

Open all of the borders to every country. Countries that resist are generally countries that are criminally abusive to their citizens (the most closed countries are North Korea, China and their ilk). I suggest that these countries should be conquered, then opened up for immigration both in and out. We should set up governments like the United States was initially set up – by using a federalist republic for our government. One small federal government will monitor global affairs and ensure free interstate trade and a fair international court system is in place, and each individual nation-state can run itself as it pleases. If one country enacts a bunch of laws that makes it an unpleasant place to live, only the politicians will lose out because everyone else can just freely move elsewhere. Travel would be much easier and if you wanted to move to Thailand and live and work there for a couple of years you could do it easily. The world economy would benefit in enormous ways because labor would be free to move to wherever it was needed the most, instead of being artificially restrained by evil politicians and their fright tactics.

What do you guys think about all of the facts I have collected on immigration as well as my opinion of what those facts mean and what we should do? Agree? Disagree? Feel free to comment and debate with me!

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

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  1. I disagree. No modern country operates without strong border control. A significant change in border policy would drastically change the quality of American lives. Given that there would of course be security to attempt to screen out unsavory characters, the sheer influx of people would overwhelm critical infrastructure. The result would be chaos.

    This opinion piece is a still-born fetus.

  2. You wouldn’t know a good idea if it slapped you in the face with its enormous schlong.

    Just because no modern countries currently operate without strong border control doesn’t mean that it is impossible. I don’t suggest that we instantly open all the borders, but if we phase it in over a period of years, a lot of the chaos and other problems would be ameliorated.

    Change can be painful, but the end result of opening borders would free people to travel where and when they like, to wherever they can maximize their personal well-being… which would also end up maximizing global well-being.

  3. Yeah, you completely fail to make a case for “anti-immigration people are racist”.

    Heck, you just fail.

  4. Why don’t you want immigrants to come into the country? If they benefit the economy, do work you don’t want to do and serve in the military, why not?

    It’s because of blind racism.

    Point. Set. Match.

  5. I agree with the majority of what you have to say but conquering other countries and imposing our ideas of whats right and wrong is nothing short of imperialism

  6. Ace, What is so bad about imperialism? With imperialism, you have much less chance of war between regions, because everyone is united under the same flag. Revolutions go up, but full-scale wars between countries go down.

  7. i mean why people gota be so racism about everything, i mean you that mexican work for this country and if it wasn’t from them mexican this state wouldn’y be like this. i mean think bout yall need mexican, and i don’t know why people gotta be so mean too some mexican it’s not our faoult that we herer we just here too have a better life and we don’t wanna hurt nobody but sometime theyake us hurt who we don’t wanna hurt and have a lot of hatresd of people who invade this county.. so why hating mexican or makin fun of them if we doing the right thing. i mean we just here too work………….

  8. You employ propaganda tactics when you merge all forms of migration under the umbrella of “immigration”. It was the National Council of La Raza “the Race”, who began the tactic. Lies work, if repeated. As for the borders of the USA, they are open, infact more open, than ever before. We have authorized ports of entry, via land, sea and air. We have “fast pass” ports, that speed up the flow. True we have had to strengthen the Southern border, but this is done to reduce illegal attempts to bypass the protocols established to grant authorized entry into our nation. By discouraging the illegal flow of people and contraband (drugs, sex slaves, terrorists, unknown sorts), we encourage people to follow the laws, or fix their own nations, or go anywhere else they are free to travel. Do you have a passport? Have you visited outside of the USA? I served in the US Navy, for twenty years, and traveled to Mexico, Phillipines, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Canada, and Singapore. Domestically, I’ve been to Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Texas, Oregon, Florida, Virginia, and Washington State. Travel opens your mind, but it don’t make you stupid. I’ve seen the Third World, and I’d like to improve it, rather than import it into the USA. Many of the poor I have met, enjoy a wealth human spirit that money cannot buy. I have my problems, but I don’t import them to Mexico, or make my problems, your problems. I take care of my problems. I don’t want to be your problem, and I trust you do not want to be my problem.

  9. My ancestors were all immigrants. My father’s parents were born in Germany. My mother’s ancestors were here before (and some fought in) the Civil War. None came in through the back door. There is nothing wrong with immigration so long as those who wish to come here do so according to the rules established by our government. Uncontrolled immigration leaves us open to criminals and other undesirable people. For example: In a major accident last year on the I-5, 20 big rigs crashed and burned on a truck bypass, along with 3 personal vehicles. Nine of the big-rig drivers just walked away. In other words, nearly half the big rig drivers were illegal! I, for one, do not care to share the road with unlicensed, unqualified and uninsured drivers at the wheels of trucks that weigh up to 80,000 pounds!

  10. So let me get this straight using Joel’s logic. If I were to come from a place run by criminals & broke into Joel’s house, he would be fine with that. He would be so fine with it that he would provide me free meals & a warm bed. In fact, he would pay all my healthcare bills & ask me to invite my wife & kids in so that he could feed & educate all of us at his expense. Even if I murdered his son,(illegal aliens kill 25 Americans every day, more than are dying in the war on terror overseas), we would still be welcome to stay. Then when I rape his young daughter, (8 American children are molested by illegal aliens each day as well), Joel would just smile & hand me a hamburger. Then when my cousin arrives & take’s Joel’s job I would be so grateful that I would allow him to support us with his unemployment money.

    I’m sure Joel would just smile & wave as he drove off because my deserving family group grew to such size that it literally pushed out Joel & his family since we kept telling him that our ancestors owned the house before he did anyway & it was really ours.

    I’m certain that Joel would get a wonderful feeling just to know that he was doing the right thing & giving others what they deserve. That is because Joel is insane & doesn’t care if the nation around him gets destroyed.

  11. I am the child of a legal Mexican immigrant. Joel is so wrong on so many levels on the issue of illegal aliens. He seems to be a pie hole for the open border crowd. They are not immigrants and this is not immigration. Illegal aliens are groups of people who have no respect for the USA rule of law. As for the United States becoming isolatinist, what a crock of dodo. The USA takes in close to one million foreigners/immigrants a year from all over the world. This does not include the refugees. It even takes in people from enemy countries. I have found that people that feel this strong about helping illegal aliens are illegal aliens themselves, are married to an illegal alien, are having sex with an illegal alien, are the children of illegal aliens, hire illegal aliens or are making money of illegal aliens. I just wonder what category Joel falls under. I say if only we had the same laws as our south of the border neighbor “Mexico”. That government does not put up with out of control illegal aliens. Any illegal aliens found in their country are beaten and sent packing. If they caught a foreign illegal alien protesting, they would be put in prison for life. But then if Mexico follows it’s immigration law according to Joel, they are a bunch of RACISTS. Joel does a diservice to legal immigrants who do follow the rule of law. It is people like him who are helping to destory are laws, but then that must make him proud.

  12. Right well Lets get this straight then. The British National Party is the only political party which has consistently sounded the alarm on the topic of mass immigration into our country.

    All the other parties, assisted by their controlled media, have either attempted to downplay this topic or to attack and smear the BNP for daring to openly discuss it.

    What then, are the facts about immigration into Britain?

    – According to an August 2008 Office for National Statistics (ONS) study, some 2.3 million immigrants have officially come to the UK in the past 16 years, the vast majority of whom are from the Third World. (Of the 2.3 million, only 205,000, or 8 percent, came from the new East European members of the EU.)

    – August 2008 French government statistics showed that more than 1,000 Third Worlders pour into Britain from northern France every month.

    – A report by an all-party group of Members of Parliament in 2008 said that more than one million illegal immigrants were living in Britain – a population equivalent to that of Birmingham.

    – An August 2008 ONS report showed that nearly 25 percent of all babies born in Britain were from ‘foreign’ mothers. The ONS said that 758,000 babies were born in Britain in 2007, and that births to foreign-born mothers rose to 160,340, or 23 percent of all live births.

    – More than half of all births in some towns and cities, including London (54%), Slough (56%) and Luton (51%), were to non-UK born mothers. This figure peaks at 75 percent in the London borough of Newham. As the key areas reporting the biggest baby boom were London, West Midlands, Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire – all areas of long-settled Afro-Caribbean and Asian immigrants, it is highly likely that once these figures are added to the 25 percent ‘foreign’ birth rate, then as many as 50 percent of all babies born in Britain in 2008 were of Third World origin.

    – The ONS population report states that, on average, ‘foreign’ women have 2.5 children each, rising to 3.9 for those from Bangladesh and almost five for Pakistani women. The number of babies born to British mothers is also rising, but lags far behind immigrants at an average of 1.7 children each. From this it is possible to deduce that white British mothers are only producing 1.5 children at a maximum, against a required replacement level of 2.1.

    – The ONS has also predicted that the British population could reach 71 million by 2031, with migrants and their UK-born children accounting for 70 percent of that growth. This fast-moving trend means that babies born to immigrant mothers are set to become the main driver of Britain’s population growth within the next few years, taking over from immigration itself.

    – The ONS also released official immigration figures in August 2008 which revealed that 69 people – mostly Third Worlders – entered the UK every hour. According to the ONS, in the 2006/7 year period, a record 605,000 people moved to Britain – the equivalent of 1,650 a day. The number of foreigners living in Britain has increased by 1.1 million in three years – enough to fill a city the size of Birmingham.

    – More than 10 percent of all people living in Britain in 2008 were foreign born. Their rising birth rate has fuelled an increase in Britain’s population to nearly 61 million in 2007 – an increase over 12 months of 388,000, equivalent to a city the size of Bournemouth.

    – In 2004 the number of people who became British citizens rose to a record 140,795 – a rise of 12 percent on the previous year. This number had risen dramatically since 2000. The overwhelming majority of new citizens come from Africa (32%) and Asia (40%), with the largest three groups being people from Pakistan, India and Somalia.

    – When the illegal immigrant population estimate is added in, the final conclusion of all these figures is that the total population of the United Kingdom was, in mid 2007, some 62 million people, of whom at least 13 percent were of Third World origin.

    – Figures from the Department for Children, Schools and Families showed that in 2006, school pupils from the ‘ethnic minorities’ accounted for almost 22 percent of pupils at primary school and 17.7 percent at secondary level.

    This means that Third World-origin school children accounted for just under 20 percent of England’s 6.5 million primary and secondary pupils in 2006 – a doubling of the figure within one decade.

    Across inner and outer London, black and Asian pupils outnumber white British children by about six to four. In secondary schools in Brent, north-west London, which is one of the capital’s most non-white boroughs, only seven percent of pupils were of white British origin in 2006. A further 36 percent were classed as Asian and 24 percent were black.

    In Tower Hamlets, east London, less than 15 percent of primary school children were classed as white British, compared to 63 percent Bangladeshi Asian.

    In Birmingham, which has around 300 schools, 57 percent of primary and 52 percent of secondary pupils are from non-white British families. In Leicester, Luton and Slough, white British pupils were also in a minority at both primary and secondary level.

    Bearing in mind that these figures have doubled within 10 years, and that there is therefore an exponential growth rate involved, these figures mean that, well within the next two generations, immigrants and the children of immigrants will form a majority of school children in Britain.

    This means ‘ethnic minorities’ will simultaneously make up the majority of the country’s population, and Britain will have changed from a First World nation into a Third World nation – if nothing is done about the situation in the very near future.

    Over the short term, however, there are a number of more immediate results. The first and most directly felt effect of this massive immigration wave will be simple overcrowding. The population of the UK is already at record levels, and immigration has pushed population density in England to a higher level than any other major country in Europe.

    Figures from the Office for National Statistics in 2008 show that there are on average of 395 people in every square kilometre in England.

    This is an increase of five per sq km over the previous two years. The increase pushed England’s population density above the previous highest figure set by the Netherlands.

    England is already more densely populated than India, and within the European Union, only the island of Malta has a higher population density.

    Britain’s population is set to increase by about six million by 2031, of which 5 million (84 percent) will be due to immigration. Eighty percent of net migration is to London and the South East where the population density is one of the highest in Europe.

    This overcrowding results in substantial congestion costs. A report by the Downing Street Strategy Unit suggested that the number of commuters to London is expected to increase by 10 to 20 percent by 2010.

    Household projections are continuously revised to take account of the ever increasing immigration levels. In the period 1996 – 2021, the number of households is expected to increase by 4.5 million of which about one third will be a result of net inward migration.

    Meanwhile, a recent report on London, commissioned for the Mayor, predicted an increase in population of 700,000 over the next fifteen years to 8.15 million, much of this due to international migration.

    This will require 400,000 new houses and 130 new schools.

    Legal immigration at the present projected rate will lead to a requirement of about 1.5 million houses in the period 2003 – 2026. Over the next twenty years, one in three new households will be the result of immigration.

    Since brownfield sites provide two thirds of new homes, net immigration is the main reason for greenfield development. The extra population also adds to the pressure on transport and water supplies, both of which are already facing serious difficulties.

    As of mid-2007, some 30 percent of London’s population was of Third World immigrant origin. This has led to children in London schools speaking more than 300 languages. The rapid rate of racial demographic change has meant that the English language is fast becoming a minority language in the capital of Britain, and, unless the process is checked, will become extinct in the foreseeable future.

    In the last ten years, at least 600,000 white Londoners have left the city to be replaced by 700,000 non-white immigrants. This is changing the whole nature of London and other major cities. Whites are set to become minorities in Leicester, Birmingham, Bradford and Oldham by 2016. In all of these cases, the extinction of the indigenous English culture will follow as surely as day follows night.

    The massive Third World immigration wave is well on the way to destroying the state physical infrastructure, such as the National Health Service.

    According to a survey by the Royal College of Midwives issued in 2008, the quality of NHS care has plummeted because ministers failed to predict a massive rise in the birth rate among immigrant mothers.

    Four in 10 midwives questioned by the RCM said care was worse as a direct result of the rising birth rate – and it was putting mothers and babies at risk. Almost all – 91 percent – said the birth rate had shot up on their wards over the past few years, putting their units under intolerable pressure.

    As a result, several maternity wards at NHS hospitals in areas which serve largely white areas of the country, have been forced to shut their doors for months at a time because staff were needed elsewhere to deliver babies from foreign-born mothers in immigrant-dense areas. The cost of providing maternity services for immigrants has more than doubled in only a decade to £350 million a year.

    Official figures from the Justice Ministry in Britain show that at least 11 percent of all prisoners in jail in mid-2008 were Muslim – a striking indication of that community’s grossly disproportionate participation in crime in Britain.

    In May 2003, Chris Fox, president of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) told The Observer that “the mass movement of people around the world had brought new levels of organised crime, with drug dealing, gun offences, prostitution and kidnapping.”

    “Mass migration has brought with it a whole new range and a whole new type, from the Nigerian fraudster . . . to the Jamaican concentration in drug dealing . . . if you go into some of the cities, looking at the North, Bradford simmers, Blackburn simmers. It doesn’t take much to disturb the balance, and I think we’ve got to be very careful to make sure that we’re not overwhelming our current infrastructure.”

    After the conviction of Danny and Ricky Preddie, the Jamaican murderers of black youth Damilola Taylor, an article by Minette Marrin in The Sunday Times of August 2006 pointed out that: “The government has been either unwilling or unable to control, or even to estimate the vast numbers of new arrivals. Only now is it beginning to wonder whether this influx was an entirely good thing. At the time of Damilola’s death the ethnic composition of north Peckham in Southwark, where the estate (where he died) lies, was 43.4% white, 15.9% black Caribbean, 26.6% black African, 4.1% black other, 7.9% Asian and 2.2% other . . . Southwark today is still considered a high crime area by the Home Office and a high youth crime area . . . Violent crime there has risen from 10,000 incidents in 2000-01 to 12,500 in 2005-06, even though huge sums of money have been thrown at the problem.”

    In the second edition of The Oxford Handbook of Criminology (1997), David J. Smith writes: “The rate of imprisonment for drugs offences was 10.8 times as high among blacks as among white men.”

    The high crime rate among black immigrants in Britain has traditionally been ‘excused’ by allegations of ‘discrimination and police bias.’ This is, of course, nonsense. David Smith dealt with the topic this way:

    “Although some bias against black people has been demonstrated at several stages, and although some apparently neutral criteria have been shown to work to the disadvantage of black people, the magnitude of these effects seems small compared with the stark contrast in rates of arrest and imprisonment between black and white people.”

    The Third Edition of the Handbook of Criminology (2002) shows Home Office statistics of the male prison population by ethnic group, 1985-99. In 1999, the number of white males in prisons was 49,961, the number of black males was 7,355, the number of South Asians was 1,895, and the number of Chinese and other was 2,081.

    In the same handbook, Coretta Philips and Ben Bowling make the following observation: “Ethnic monitoring data on Britain’s prison population have been available since 1985. The first statistics revealed a marked over-representation of West Indians, Guyanese, and Africans within prisons among both males and females.”

    North African, African, and Caribbean youth gangs are responsible for the rising incidence of group rapes. The victims are overwhelmingly white women. Scotland Yard reported: “Suspects of African and Caribbean appearance were identified in 49 percent of attacks. A further 13 percent were committed by men of Indian/Pakistani appearance.”

    In England, gang rapes and “jack rolling” (gangs of youths in cars block off streets and rape every woman caught in their net) were introduced into Britain by young blacks from Jamaica and South Africa.

    Only a halting, and reversal, of the immigration policies of the past few decades can prevent this problem from threatening the very existence of Britain as a First World nation.


  13. Sorry i can’t edit and i hate double posting but these situaltions can almost always be applied to america as well

  14. There is a right and wrong way to do anything. What does it say about a people, who’s first act upon entering our country is to break our laws? You speak as if you know what you are talking about. I wonder have you ever had to compete in the workplace with these criminals you attempt to glorify? Have you ever been forced to drop your bids to the 1960’S level just so you can put food on your family’s table? Have you ever had to fire every one of your employees because you could not compete in an environment like the one you fantasize about?

    Well I have. You speak glowing words about something that you do not have any idea about. Come to South Carolina and I will show you the facts of the matter. Thousands of my fellow construction workers do not have jobs any more because of the mindset of people like you. Come here and I will show you an industry that is comprised of 75% illegal workers. You and everybody else speaks up for them but nobody gives a hoot in hell for us.

    Before you start assuming that I am a racist I want you to know a few things about me. I served proudly in military for 12 years helping to defend the freedoms that the Constitution gives us. I also happen to be married to a legal immigrant from the Philippines and it took two years to get them here the right way. My seven year old daughter has my last name but she still had to go through a rigorous process to include three complete physicals before she was allowed to come here.

    Your problem is that you see the world through rose colored glasses instead of the facts of the matter. The fact is that America allows allows about one million legal immigrants a year to come here. The fact is that in the two years it took to get my wife and daughter here legally two to three million criminals stepped across our southern border illegally without any paperwork or health checks. The fact that you refuse to face is that this country has about forty million illegals and you want to try to sugarcoat it by saying that they have a right to go where they want.

    If you give them this right then you take mine away from me and I will fight you till my dying breath to prevent it. Twenty five million Americans are out of work, our economy is collapsing because of people with your mindset and you want to continue on the path to destruction.

    Your article does not have any logic behind it. You speak of the oppressed people of the world and want to welcome all of them here. What about the oppressed people of America like myself? Do we matter anywhere in your scheme of things? Or are we just trash to be thrown to the wayside to make way for the new Americans that are in the process of changing this country into a third world mess?

  15. This is really sad. All countries have immigration laws so they can control the flow of immigrants coming into the country. Immigration laws, when enforced, protect the citizens of that country. Immigration laws REQUIRE that immigrants learn the language, laws, and culture of the country they are entering. Say if an Oaxacan immigrates legally to America with his family, one memeber being a fourteen year old girl, he would know that, even though it is part of the culture in that part of Mexico to sell your daughter into marriage, it is illegal in the United States of America.
    And the line of “they are doing jobs Americans won’t do?” is also wrong. Americans will work, but Americans will work at fair market value. Illegall aliens can get away with working for less than minimum wage because 1. they live together by the dozens to share expenses and 2. they don’t have a portion of their income confiscated in the form of taxes because lots of illegals are working under the table.
    Why don’t you take this lecture to N. Korea and share it with Kim Jong Il, he has two Americans right now. They have just been sentenced to 12 years hard labor for entering the country illegally. And take this lecture to Mexico, the mother lode of all citizen exports to other countries.
    Laws are there to maintain an ordered society, illegal aliens and the countries leaders who encourage them to come here illegaly, tear down our social order and create chaos here with the overburdening of our welfare programs, forcing the closure of hospitals, overwhelming schools, reconquista, gangs, drugs, rape, murder, manslaughter, etc…..
    You need to unload the self loathing you have because you are a white male and THINK, not feel, about the devastation heaped upon us, because, at this point in time, we have open immigration and it has brought California to ruin. Politicians who create sanctuary cities such as San Francisco have had to change policy in short order because of the influx of MS13 into that city and the murders they committed.
    It’s a difficult thing to step away from popular sentiment and think for yourself and use logic and reason to come to a conclusion, but that is what we need at this time. So, stand up straight and use your head and not so much your emotions.

  16. limited immigration and anti-immigration are different issues. I bet the Indians would have built a wall if they knew of smallpox. We currently screen every legal immigrant for every disease known to man. Illegal immigrants have brought over diseased we have previously eliminated from America. Don’t buy this leftist shit.

  17. Joel i agree with you 100%. Its really interesting reading what people have replied. Most of them are so ignorant and small minded its borderline hilarious. I mean one girl was talking about ” i dont wanna drive on a freeway with illegal drivers”…LMFAO!!
    Most people fail to see the big picture. Most people cannot envision a world without borders and a world united under one flag because they are too scared and too narrow minded. In my honest opinion i think your idea is probably 50 years ahead of its time. Someday people will realize that the only hope for the human race is if we all unite and create a unified global community. Lets just hope its not too late by then.

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