Important Breaking News

-The Department of Homeland Security has been working hard to make sure YOU are safe! Yesterday, 3 Mexican minors who had been arrested near the border on suspicion of smuggling drugs stole the patrol vehicle… while handcuffed. Incompetence at its best.

Mouth to Mouth Assault… how romantic.

-Apparently I should be a swimmer or a rower and give up on cycling.… read more “Important Breaking News”

Eulogy of Joel

The only time that people get together and express their feelings about a person is after that person has passed away. When that happens, people always sob about how they should’ve told the person sooner about how much they cared about them. Therefore, before I die, I’m going to tell myself how much I love me and what a freakin’ great guy I more “Eulogy of Joel”


I hate arguing with people when I feel frustrated, because I just end up pushing issues farther than I should and going in circles. I know I’m doing it, but it’s hard to stop myself. I need to make more of a conscious effort to be accepting and try to understand others’ perspectives better.

Justin Gross starts class at UW tomorrow

Tonight I went to UW and after working out with Fletch, I went and visited my little brother Justin. Tomorrow will be his first day of classes at UW. I’m hoping Justin has a very successful college experience, but he actually called me earlier thinking about skipping the first day of class and going to Canada lol.… read more “Justin Gross starts class at UW tomorrow”

Your bath is killing your babies

Recent research conducted has shown that sitting in hot water for 30 or more minutes a week impairs sperm production and motility. This includes sitting in hot tubs or bath water. For non-smokers, if you avoid hot bathwater for six months, your sperm count will increase 500% (though not to previous unaltered levels). The bad news for smokers is that your sperm will not increase much again: smoking is a “gonadotoxic” behavior.… read more “Your bath is killing your babies”

Don’t Mess with the Kremlin

Mikhail Borisovich Khodorkovsk was an extraordinarily powerful man. in 2004, he was the 16th wealthiest man on earth. Mr. Khodorkovsk was a Russian oligarch at the head of massive Yukos, a former corporate titan. Khodorkovsk got a little big for his britches though and funded a Russian political opposition party. Putin apparently didn’t much like this and Khodorkovsk was convicted on trumped up tax-evasion charges.… read more “Don’t Mess with the Kremlin”