Pastor Benny Hinn: Fraud, Scam & Divorce

Benny Hinns Gulfstream IV Jet
Benny Hinn’s Gulfstream IV Jet

Televangelist pastor Benny Hinn is a fraud, scam, divorcee, and cheat.  Benny Hinn preys on weak-minded people to convince them he can use “faith-healing” to cure their illnesses so that they donate over $100,000,000 per year to support his extraordinarily lavish lifestyle.  Hinn flies around in a Gulfstream G4SP valued at $36,000,000 and costing $600,000 more per year to operate and maintain.  He lives in a lavish multimillion dollar house in a very wealthy area of Dana Point (a beachfront property in Orange County).  Benny Hinn misuses money given to him by unsuspecting people, usually elderly, who have been suckered into his spiel.  Benny Hinn uses only a portion of the funds that he receives to further Christian goals- instead he funnels much of the money to himself, unrelated political causes, and his friends and relatives.

Watch the video below of Benny Hinn using his custom-tailored magic healing jacket to fraudulently “slay” parishioners in the Holy Spirit:

What surprises me the most is that such an obvious fraud as Benny Hinn can be so successful for so long at convincing people to give him huge amounts of money. Benny Hinn not only does his supposed healings of people but he has made a number of unfulfilled religious prophecies, including:

  1. God would destroy the homosexual community in America in 1995
  2. America’s East Coast would be destroyed by major earthquakes before 2000
  3. In October 1999, he appeared on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) and claimed that God had given him a vision that thousands of the dead would watch the network and be resurrected by touching the television screen (their relatives would need to carry the dead person to the television than put their hands on it)
  4. FIdel Castro would die during the 90’s
  5. The first female president of the United States of America would be elected

Investigations Showing Benny Hinn’s Enormous Fraud & Scam

In 2001 HBO showed a documentary called “A Question of Miracles” on faith healer Benny Hinn and actually investigated to find out whether any of Benny Hinn’s supposed faith healings actually happened. The director Antony Thomas, a dedicated and sincere Christian, said, “If I had seen miracles, I would have been happy to trumpet it… but in retrospect, I think Hinn does more damage to Christianity than teh most committed atheist.”

In 2004, CBC Television did a special “Do You Believe In Miracles” detailing many transgressions and sins committed by Benny Hinn’s scam. They used hidden cameras and many crusade attendees to show that Benny Hinn lied, misappropriated church funds for personal use, and used security guards dressed as church members in suits to keep truly ill audience members from approaching the stage. Using extensive interviews they showed that people with outwardly obvious illnesses, such as cerabral palsy and paralysis, were not allowed to come to the stage to be healed.

Again in 2005 another organization, Ministry Watch- an evangelical Christian organization that reviews Christian ministries finances- issued a Donor Alert declaring “the reported exorbinant spending of the Hinn family reveals that Benny Hinn Ministries has far more money than it needs” and advised Christians to “withold contributions to Benny Hinn” and “pray for his repentance”.

Only a year later Benny Hinn Ministries sent out a mailer asking for donations to getting Hinn a new jet to replace his old one. Apparently the old one didn’t have nice enough of cup holders for him.

Benny Hinn’s Bestselling Books:

Benny Hinn has written a number of books that have appeared on the New York Times bestsellers list due to his extremely hard push of these books at his stadium missions:

  • Good Morning Holy Spirit
  • Kathryn Kuhlman: Her Spiritual Legacy and Its Impact on My Life
  • The Anointing
  • He Touched Me (Touched me where?)
  • This is Your Day for a Miracle
  • Welcome, Holy Spirit How You can Experience the Dynamic Work of the Holy Spirit In Your Life
  • Total Recovery, Supernatural Restoration and Release
  • Lord I need a Miracle
  • Going Deeper with the Holy Spirit
  • The Blood
  • Miracle of Healing
  • The Biblical Road to Blessing

Benny Hinn’s Fraud Pushes Counter-Biblical Prosperity Gospel

Benny Hinn: Fraud Scam & Divorce
Benny Hinn: Fraud Scam & Divorce

Like many scammy megachurch pastors, Benny Hinn pushes the Prosperity Gospel to get people to donate him more money.  The Bible does not provide support for the doctrine of the Prosperity Gospel and serious theologians and real Christian  oppose these sinful pastors.  However, Benny Hinn uses it to convince healthy people to donate him more money by telling them that if they do so, God will give them huge amounts of money.  Obviously Benny Hinn convinces the sick to donate to him so that they will be healed of their maladies.

Benny Hinn Divorce: Suzanne Hinn Leaves The Fraud

After enjoying the fruits of Benny Hinn’s fraud for many years, including living in a beautiful multimillion dollar mansion on prime California real estate and flying in a private jet wherever she pleased, Suzanne Hinn decided to divorce Benny Hinn.  Benny Hinn and Suzanne Hinn were married for 30 years and had four children, but that wasn’t enough to make Suzanne stay with her evil husband.  Benny Hinn was such a poor husband that when she left him and filed for divorce, he was in “total shock”.  Now that she is divorcing him, Benny has posted a vengeful 3 page letter on his website stating that his wife had “no biblical grounds for divorce”… though he has violated the Bible and Jesus’s clear statements on many other issues himself.

Benny Hinn on Youtube

Watch some videos of Benny Hinn directly violating God’s commandments and instructions on Youtube video:


Benny Hinn “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor”

Benny Hinn Drunk on Stage:

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  1. It’s all about the money. Those who can’t think for themselves allow others like Hinn rip them off. So be it to all the suckers out there.

  2. healing is by faith.the man of God is preaching faith. He who believes receives.God is not poor.The people will never give unless touched of God.Abraham was the richest man and people of his time envied him.

  3. Is Benny Hinn God personified? After all, he can perform “miracles.” Who is he trying to fool? Certainly not me. He can fool some people, but there are more who do not believe in him. He can no more perform miracles than the man on the moon.
    Get off your “religious” throne and get real. No wonder your wife divorced you. The two of you deserve each other.

  4. All i can say is , its not like Jesus at all ,imagine if He were on earth now,would he be flying around in a jet,or living in a mansion in a rich area, he went where the poor were,healed them without a doubt ,people said they saw it happen ,no falling on the floor ,just miracles ,Jesus never made a big show of it ,he told some not to tell anyone ,and He never needed to take a collection ,God fed Him ,ime afraid its all a bit embarassing for the christian community,and why does a man who tells people how to follow God,not get on his knees and ask his wife to stay with him ,its all so strange ,sorry Jesus but if this is you working in benny hinn,it doesnt look good.

  5. Why would anyone think any man/woman is annointed? There is no annointing. In the Tanakh it came and went on the prophets. There are no prophets nor true healings now. Just shams/frauds.

  6. you can critique gods workers all you want,but some day you will answer for every word.have you ever thought to talk to the people who God has helped through him or maybe you are just jealous that god made him prosperous because he is a servant of the Lord or are you just an unsaved person who hates God and complains how he prospers and not you? read the bible and find out for yourself.Jesus stated of his apostles greater things than these shall you do meaning great miracles.have a nice day!!!!!!!!!

  7. Sean: You can use empty and unverifiable threats all you want, but that doesn’t make your religion any more true? I have read the bible and I am fully aware of the multiple contradictions and inconsistencies it contains. I am also aware that the bible was written by men. Men who lived nearly two thousand years ago and who knew nothing about the world around as we do today. You are stating nothing more than the copied word of unknown scribes who copied the word of unknown hearsay witnesses. Have a nice day!!!!

  8. Seriously how dumb do you have to be to ever donate any money to these theives! C’mon they have all been playing this game since 1970’s and these idiot Americans continue to pay for their lavish lifestyles!

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