I rarely post on politics here as it generally will not sway anyone’s opinion. People are not interested in evidence changing their mind, they have a psychological bias for finding evidence that reinforces preexisting opinions.

I might try anyways.  🙂

Special interests are siphoning trillions of dollars both from the right (oil and farm subsidies) and the left (teachers unions that fight to keep bad teachers hurting children).

The tax code has become a nightmare that is impossible to follow for any business entirely. We had a presentation yesterday by a company specializing in trying to manage the tax code talk to us yesterday. There are 14,000 rule changes a year and thousands of different tax regions in our country and every single one has its own maze of rules.

Only taxing 10% on capital gains is a giveaway to the very rich scumbags in the banking industry. Taxing 50% on those entrepreneurs who are building the country by creating jobs and new goods and services is demotivating.

Our legal system is set up to extort enormous riches for the lawyers while not really solving problems like divorce or patent issues.

Our healthcare system is set up to extort a huge percentage of our GDP to doctors (insurance companies are just the happy beating boy…). The AMA tightly controls the supply of doctors and rules for medical practice, forcing prices insanely high while treatment quality stays low.

Our government keeps ballooning in size. If a business offers goods or services people don’t want, that business fails and it’s resources go to things people truly want. There is no such mechanism for the government. The people who work for the government are a powerful special interest trying to keep their jobs, while the rest of us don’t care enough to fight them.

These are the things that actually matter, but you will never hear about it because it’s hidden from you on purpose. You are being distracted by the clown show of the presidential race. You have a trust fund baby (Trump) and the wife of a former president leading the race on each side. Might as well ask a Khardasian to run.

It doesn’t matter who wins because the special interests above will keep getting what they want. Issues that don’t matter (immigration, defense policy) compared to the big economic areas are the scraps the common man gets.

Your vote is 1 in 400,000,000. The odds of your vote actually changing an election is zero, ask a mathematician. And that’s assuming that our two big political parties actually allow your vote to make a difference in real policy (see Khardasian side show above).

That is why I have never voted and probably still won’t.

What’s the solution? I don’t have one yet. Anyone else have ideas?

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