Privacy is for Child Molestors

Many people talk about privacy as if it is a great moral treasure to be kept sacred at all costs. These people are child molestors.

Seriously…what do you need privacy for?

Privacy is only necessary when you have done something shameful or illegal, like:

  1. Cheated on your wife
  2. Used a nail gun to stick a squirrel to your wall
  3. Contracted herpes and don’t want to tell your sex partners
  4. Peed in jars then stored them in your closet for the last two years
  5. Told your girlfriend that you will be her puppy and will be obedient

When you are behaving well and doing the right thing, privacy is completely useless to you.  For instance, who wants to hide the fact that they:

  1. Got an A on their test
  2. Saved a baby from a burning building
  3. Smashed a supermodel
  4. Met President Obama
Privacy is pointless
Privacy is pointless

Privacy is not something that should be valued. HIPAA should be renounced. Webpages should not have privacy pages, but publicity pages. If you visit a porn site 7 times in the last 24 hours, who cares? Your boss was there 11 times himself.

My point is that most innocent things people believe they need privacy for they would realize they didn’t actually need it since everyone else does it to, but just doesn’t talk about it as much.

Privacy is only good for men who lock their daughters in the basement for 18 years while they rape them repeatedly and father 6 children.


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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

3 thoughts on “Privacy is for Child Molestors”

  1. nonsense, utter tripe, privacy is vital – you must be an idiot, give yours away if you like and proclaim that everyone concerned is a child molester as well. Doesn’t mean you are right, just a moron who hasn’t thought hard enough about it.

  2. ummm, you really should think before writing such drivel. read this: might give you a few clues about why privacy is important.

    Obviously privacy isn’t the marketeers best friend, but i’m not worried about you flooging me stuff. Save your crap about child molesters, there is more to it than that.

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