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Rachelle is one of the coolest women I know. Classy, educated and intelligent are all adjectives that do not do her justice. She currently works for Microsoft in Redmond and lives in Belltown. Rachelle graduated from the University of Washington last year. I attended Cascade Christian High School with her and we graduated back in ’02. She and I were unique in that we were pretty much the only non-religious people at a religious school (I believe Jeremy discarded superstition post-h.s.). Cascade Christian was a very poor academic school that had great emphasis on religion over all else. One teacher, Mrs. Huth, repeatedly told our senior year Bible class that in order to survive in the secular world “you have to forget what society tells you about keeping an open mind. You need a CLOSED mind!” Complete insanity. Anyways, back to Rachelle. Rachelle is very interested in fashion, writing, music and photography. She and I didn’t really become friends till after we graduated from high school; she, Jeremy and I spent a lot of time hanging out that summer and then continued on throughout college.

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