Reason versus Faith

The following is a challenge to everyone I know who believes in “faith”: Please read what I have written and if you can adequately answer my questions, I will become a Christian. I keep my eyes and ears open and will take into thoughtful consideration any evidence that you can provide me.

Logic is diametrically opposed to blind faith. Blind faith is the abandonment of logic and thought for an unsupported belief.

If I told you that you would be happier if you stuck a knife in your thigh at dawn every morning would you? Of course not. You would use your logic to follow the obvious progression of events: I stab myself in my thigh, my thigh will send signals of agonizing pain to my brain, and since this will be an unpleasant chain of events, I will not proceed. What then if I asked you to have faith in me? Just do it because Joel is great and wise and can see things that you cannot? You would tell me pull my head out of out my ass and get out of your way.

If you won’t stab yourself in the thigh based on faith, why would you donate 10% of your income for the rest of your life to someone on the basis of faith? I remember being drilled in church for years growing up on the founding principle of Christianity: Faith is the belief in something unseen/unproven. Faith asks you to abandon your logic, your brain, your thoughts, your standard rules of evidence, and that which makes you human and separates you from animals; your sense of self. Faith is the fraud used by countless generations of priests, used car salesmen, pastors, schiesters, kings, televangelists and other criminals to divorce you from your rightful power and freedom in your own life and the resulting happiness you could have had. Faith is a conscious decision to ignore reality around you and to cower in fear before the threats of scam artists. Anyone who tells you to stop questioning the world around you and just to have faith is trying to molest you mind and your sense of self; they are an enemy to your soul. Anyone who tells you that faith will fix anything is telling you that magic exists. Have you ever seen any sign of such magic? Have you ever been stabbed in the thigh and felt joy and not pain?

What if such a principle was applied to you? What would you do if instead of the justice system and laws we currently work under, a judge was appointed by faith and this judge flipped a quarter to determine your guilt or innocence and everyone agreed that the judgement of the quarter was always right because they had faith in the mighty quarter? The absurdity and absolute evil of such a system of justice is evident even to a child, so why do you choose to base your entire life and moral system on such an absurdly evil concept?

Faith asks you to close your eyes to the world around you and try your hardest to pretend it doesn’t really exist. Logic and reason merely ask you to open your eyes and observe what happens around you? To make observations such as 1 and 1 make 2, I like the way pears taste, the world is round, when you throw a rock in the air it falls back to the ground and that people who ask me to believe something on “faith” generally are trying to sell me something I don’t want. Whether that something is a car with no engine, fake art, spam, pricey credit cards, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, any new “miracle” product or a belief system with no basis in reality doesn’t matter. You don’t buy every piece of crap sold in infomercials by a scammer saying, “trust me, this will change your life!”… So why do you buy into a philosophy that has never had any proof working and has amassed a huge sea of evidence against it? Faith.

Faith to me is not a virtue, something to be aspired to or a positive character trait. Faith to me is insanity, it is abandoning my own thoughts to believe what someone else claims. Faith is the very definition of evil. Faith is the awful abortion of reason and independence and freedom. If you have “faith” in anything, you are abandoning your own view of reality.

Now you ask me why would someone ask me to have faith in religion when they have nothing to gain? I ask you back, how can you not see everything they are gaining at your expense? When you have faith in a religion, you give the religious leader in front of you respect he or she has not earned. You assume that God has placed them there on the basis of faith. You don’t stop to ask about the countless religious leaders who’ve been found molesting boys, stealing money from the church, having homosexual affairs while doing meth or all of the other evil things that they do. What else do religious leaders gain by demanding that you have faith? 10% of your income, anything you donate above and beyond, your undeserved respect and esteem of them, and the power of nearly unlimited influence over you. Why do you think it is that half of all sermons are on faith and the other half of sermons are on your “duties”, especially donating money to the church and to them? The first is to upkeep your belief in their scam and the other is to extort as much out of you as they can.

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3 thoughts on “Reason versus Faith”

  1. There wasn’t much in the way of questioning there- I don’t know if you noticed that you were asking a lot of rhetorical questions.

    The first big thing for your argument against faith is that you use yourself as the object of faith- which is entirely unreasonable, illogical, and foolish. You’re human and have your own vices, desires, and needs and are therefore unreliable. Ideally, the recipient of our faith (or in this case, mine) is an entity that is without imperfection or limitation. You, despite your best efforts, will be unable to prove he does not exist. All you can offer is conjecture. Which makes it perfectly reasonable to have most of the world’s population believing in one form or another of him/she/it. Faith is the believe in his existence even though we may not “prove” it. For many, he is real enough.

    Sadly, there are people who do take advantage of others but not everyone is in it for themselves. But not in anyway are they a commentary on faith itself.

  2. All I have is my own perception of reality to go off of. I think that there is a concrete reality and I do exist within it. I can’t claim that my concrete reality isn’t inside a computer program or perhaps some wild fantasy of a perverted god, but I know for certain that I do exist and the world around me exists in some form. I make my decisions for how to approach life off of my take on the world around me. You should do the same. Don’t believe scam artists, perverted pastors or an old, error-riddled book. Approach life objectively, on your own terms.

    I can believe all I want in “an entity that is without imperfection or limitation”, but wishing he existed doesn’t make him exist. Other people claiming he exists, doesn’t make him exist. Millions of people worldwide believe that Santa Claus exists (mostly kids), millions more believe in voodoo gods, millions more believe that women are subhuman, millions more believe in Allah. All of that wishing and believing doesn’t make it true. The only thing that shows existence is PROOF. Hard evidence. Any evidence. In the last several millenia of human existence, there has been no proof of God’s existence. There has been thousands of proofs that he doesn’t exist, starting with massive, gaping holes in basic Biblical theology. Open your eyes and look at the world around you independently. Don’t follow me or anyone else, just inspect the world with your own eyes and brain.

    Faith is an evil concept that has caused massive human suffering. Faith asks you to ignore the world around you and believe in an arbitrary theory that has no evidence. Faith drives men to blow themselves up to kill infidels, to fight wars “liberating” other countries into the bright new world of Christianity (the Crusades), and to torture and kill those who disagree (Galileo, Spanish Inquisition, modern Islam). Faith by it’s very definition compels you to ignore the world around you and make decisions based off of some sort of fantasy land. Any human being with an independent, intelligent mind can see through this fallacy if they have the courage to do so.

  3. I haven’t seen enough of the gaping holes in theology to really question it. I see a lot of missteps in the people who are supposed to be representing it. I feel that the complexity of our systems does in fact beg the existence of a “designer”- be it a computer engineer from a different dimension, or a divine being, or a voodoo hoodoo. Evolution has yet to find a way to reproduce at true survival rates necessary to dodge the many difficulties of being organic life forms. Germs show a great deal of adaptability, but not multicellular beings. I find it hard to put my faith it that theory. It’s a big could’ve that hasn’t been proven.

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