Red Bull- Difference Between Love & Obsession

I rarely ever drink caffeine.  In my opinion its a powerful psychotropic drug that is very similar to cocaine.  Yes, I just ruined my chances at public office by admitting that I tried coke (a few times in college… not my cup of tea though).  Anyways caffeine is a drug that too many businesspeople I know can’t function without a cup of every morning.  I prefer to control my own mental states thank you very much.  Alcohol is my vice of choice.

When I do have a cup of coffee or even tea sometimes, I can definitely feel a strong buzz- I get jittery and very talkative.  It can be fun.

One night I was out at a bar with some of my buddies and one of them ordered each of us a touchdown (vodka dropped into red bull then chugged).  Then he ordered each of us another.  And another.

For someone who never drinks coffee, this gave me quite a jolt.  I was feeling a little spacey.

We went onto the dance floor and were dancing with a group of girls we knew when I spotted Her.

She was the hottest girl in the bar and she was dancing with her cute little friend.  I stared.

I walked over and opened my mouth to talk to her… ordinarily I’m pretty charming and able to carry on a conversation well, but what popped out was, “What is the difference between love and obsession?”

She looked at me funny, then surprisingly answered very earnestly.  Only I couldn’t hear hear her over the Boom Boom Boom of the music, so I just faked it and nodded.  Eventually she trailed off and I just stared.  She bailed.

I went outside and sat on a bench and stared at the sky till my friends were ready to go.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.