I am trying to reflect on who I am each day to find ways to improve. I am looking back at a closer time, 6 months ago now.

January 1st, Laurel and I hung out with Jeremy and his girlfriend Dorothy:


We had dinner and played Exploding Kittens, a card game.

I set a personal goal for myself of being able to get 100 points on the Marine Fitness Test which means running 3 miles in 18 minutes (I am not remotely close to this lol), do 20 pullups (I can do maybe 12), and 100 crunches.

Jordan and I were super stressed out by a legal case which we went on to win fortunately.

Laurel and I emailed back and forth about our relationship. As usual, Laurel was more reasonable in her emails than I was.

We were trying to figure out how to deal with the visibility of docs in our Drive… we now have several hundred thousand and it is hard to control access.

Laurel and I decided on getting a rubber wedding ring for me. I seem to have lost one on our honeymoon now in Kauai, but fortunately I have 5 more at home.





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