Richard Schreiber aka “Shannon”- Quick Profile

Richard Schreiber was one of my roommates while I was in the fraternity. Like Trey Wattson, he was a year younger than me. Shannon Schreiber was the type of guy everyone loved, funny and smart. He knew how to push people’s buttons to win them over. I respect Richard Schreibers people skills and his charisma. Mr. Schreiber is also an excellent budding writer. Shannon transferred schools after his freshman year from UW to Santa Clara to be closer to his girlfriend (who he later broke up with) and his family. I had an interview with Chevron about a year and a half ago that turned into a notorious adventure and I have a lot of other stories involving Richard, however I need his permission to publish them here for people’s entertainment. Shannon, send me a message or call me if you’re okay with me putting something up. I’d like to do an interview… look at the interviews I have done with Faryar Faramarzi or Arcadia Corbett for examples.

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