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Even former President Bush can play the guitar.
Even former President Bush can play the guitar.

I am extraordinarily talented at many things in life, from writing great blog posts to drawing purple dragons to creeping people out.‚  One area that I have been sadly lacking experience in though is in the musical realm.‚  My dad once tried to get me to play the trumpet in fifth grade, but I never learned to make anything other than a dying screech.‚  In junior high, I took a required choir class and hated singing Christian songs so much I never sang again.‚  However, I have begun to regret being unable to play an instrument as well as my white man dancing skills.‚  So I have decided to learn how to play the guitar.‚  Plato was kind enough to lend me his father’s guitar to learn on.

Yes, yes, I know.‚  Trying to learn to play the guitar at age 25 is like getting a giant permanent black marker and writing “Douche-Fag” on my forehead.‚  I think that I am doing it for the right reasons though:

  • I have worked hard to develop my analytical, writing and business abilities, but have never learned the first thing about music.‚  A whole section of my brain has never developed as well as it should have.
  • In order to dance better, I need to have a better feel for rhythm and beat.
  • It gives me a nice break after studying C#, ASP.NET and SQL all day.

A lot of guys who try to learn guitar just do it to get laid or are having a mid-life crisis and want to reconnect with their non-existent youth.‚  I have no such desires.‚  Women are plentiful and easy, my mid-life crisis is still brewing and I am the King of America.

My goal long-term goal is to be able to cover 10-15 songs well.‚  I am not dumb enough to try to write my own songs… I’ve seen too many people I know do that and make cringe-inducing screeching noises.

Song #1- “Leaving on a Jet Plane” by John Denver.‚  It’s supposed to be pretty easy.

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