Russian Dictator Putin Divided America Against Itself

The dictator of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has been working for years to gain ground on America. Putin is not a believer in growing the whole “economic” pie for everyone – he is a believer in capturing as much of that pie as he can for Russia at other’s expense. You can see this by his thinly veiled invasion of Ukraine where he took the territory of Crimea.

Putin has long been envious of America’s position in the world and has wanted to push Russia into the lead. He could not do this through conventional economic means (it’s hard to motivate people to work when you just steal the proceeds of that work), nor military means (Russia doesn’t have the resources to compete with America). Instead he is using propaganda to attempt to influence America and divide it against itself.

Russia invested billions of dollars and huge manpower into online propaganda influencing every social & news website – everything from Reddit to Twitter to Facebook to all the little fake news websites. Clear evidence has been provided by each of these platforms and Russia’s own journalists have unveiled parts of this effort. This massive disinformation campaign is primarily intended to create confusion, internal hostility and polarization.

I don’t have evidence for it, but I also think it is likely that he has worked to get elections thrown off by having his people work at polling places. This is why the polls leading up to the 2016 election were so far different from the actual voting results.

One of Putin’s clear goals was to get Trump elected and he succeeded in that. I am an economic conservative and business owner, and supposedly I should be happy someone who wants to reduce taxes is in office. Trump has been a very ineffective leader so far – he has not really enacted real policy change. However, Trump has continued to increase the polarization and internal hostility in America to levels not seen in many decades.

I am happy to see that many of the investigations into Putin are starting to bear fruit and show the scale of his effort to try to create a new Civil War in America. If Putin succeeds in dividing and distracting America, that opens up opportunities for Russia to begin seizing the territories around it and strong-arming other countries into giving it what he wants.

People need to step back from their hostilities against other Americans (especially since so much of it is caused by lies from Putin’s enormous fake news efforts), and we need to look at the true cause – Putin.


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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.