School life vs. Work life

A question I asked many times during my undergrad was, “How in the hell am I ever going to work every day?”

For many of you who knew me, I had the ultimate class schedule for my last two and a half years of college: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30 to 730. 4 day weekends every weekend, bedtime at 2-4am and waking up before noon was as rare as actual work getting done. So, i’m going to help you folks out who are still being “educated”.

1. School life
2. Real life

1. Tough day: having a paper due in two days and spending an hour and a half writing it in your boxers.
2. Tough day: having a report due in two days and spending 18 hours slaving away on excel.

1. Eating all day long, including in class. Usually consuming giant tubs of pasta.
2. Packing a daily backpack full of food for the day: 3 protein drinks, 2 fat turkey sandwiches, 1 Costco chicken bake, 1 bag of carrots, 1 pack of dinosaurs and 3 oranges.

1. Hanging out with your best friends all day playing video games, watching movies, going to work out and play sports.
1. Sitting at a desk all day surrounded by people you may or may not like, frenetically trying to keep on the workload your new boss heaps on you (boss quotes- “You’re salary, so you have to work as long as it takes to get the job done… but if you finish early you have to tell me so I can give you more tasks… if you leave before 5 you don’t care about your job”)

1. Relaxing all day till 11 at night, then getting dressed and heading out to party.
2. Waking up at 7am, slaving away till after 5, then either going to happy hour and heading home by 9 or 10 or trying to take a nap so you won’t be exhausted when you party with your friends at 11… though you will feel jet-lagged the rest of the weekend.

1. Working out at the IMA 4-5 days a week, 1-2 hours a day.
2. Working out at the IMA 3 days a week, 1/2 to 1 hour, desperately trying to save as much of your measly free time as possible.

1. Meeting new women in class, at your friends place, at the bar.
2. Meeting new women at… nowhere, just cut your testes off.

1. Carefully spending the pittance of money provided by financial aid on books and food.
2. Spending lots of money on all sorts of toys you will never have time to use because you are at work.

1. Using Facebook/Myspace at home because you’re bored.
2. Using Facebook/Myspace at work because you’re bored.

1. Enjoying the beautiful sunshine and spring weather by going to Madison beach or the park every day.
2. Working in the attic and not having any windows… it’s sunrise when you go in and sunset when you go home.

1. Counting off the days till the end of the quarter.
2. Counting off the days till the end of your life.

Hopefully that provides some clarification to all the college students out there…

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