Seattle Jog

I stayed late at work tonight because I was bored and couldn’t think of anything to do when I got home. At 6 pm, I got back to my place and decided I would go for a little jog around the area. I walked out my door and headed up the street and crossed the bridge over I-5 and meandered my way up Broadway (though I spent a lot of time on side streets around it) and eventually jogged back down towards I-5 and looked at some incredibly gorgeous homes. There was tons of people out on the streets because it was a pleasantly warm evening and I got to do a lot of people watching. Had a group of girls eye me and try and start talking to me as I jogged by… who does that? I had my iPod earphones in and was running. I ignored them.

As I jogged up over Capitol Hill I was feeling pretty good so I just kept going. I ended up going past the University of Washington (my apartment is a couple blocks from Qwest Field). I remembered Fletcher was visiting his woman tonight over in Wallingford, so I jogged over there. When I arrived, I could see them in the window eating dinner. I snuck up their stairs and leapt and plastered my face on the window. Twitchy Fletchy almost jumped out of his chair lol. I went in and proceeded to make quite a nuisance of myself as they were having some time alone with dinner. Rachel offered me a beer and pasta which I gladly accepted. I tried to convince Fletch to drive me home, but he was having none of it. I even offered to tell him a story on the ride home and he still said no… then I threatened to tell a story and that didn’t work either. He offered me bus fare though. I could tell he was rather annoyed at my unannounced interruption, so I sallied forth. I ran the rest of the way home straight back up Broadway this time, from beginning to end and a lot more. I looked it up on Mapquest and it’s about 5.6 miles one way (if I used the freeway and went in a beeline). On my way there, I did a lot of exploring and I think I ended up going 12 or 13 miles. My legs and feet are pretty sore now. I haven’t gone for a run in about a week.

The evening was beautiful and it made me very happy that I live in Seattle and can go on adventures whenever I please.

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  1. It was very pleasant. Lots of interesting people were out and about, the weather was nice, handsome architecture everywhere (not cookie-cutter bullshit from the suburbs) and I was feeling good.

    I was stiffening up pretty quickly when I got back, so I hopped in the bath and read Atlas Shrugged for a while and now I think I am going to go partake of some sweet dreams.

  2. Have you never read Atlas Shrugged? I love Ayn Rand. And I’ve always thought of myself as an amazing talent committed to the natural understanding of my art form.

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